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Alaska Bighorn Sheep Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alaska Bighorn Sheep Hunting Guides and OutfittersAlaska bighorn sheep hunts are offered all across the land within its 586,000 square miles of land, and hunting guides and outfitter are ready to book your next trip or guided hunt. The land is majestic and has some of the best scenery that you could hope for when on big game hunting trips such as for the Alaska bighorn sheep. Make sure you contact each outfitter or guide to see if they meet the requirement you will need.

Bighorn Sheep Hunting Guides and Outfitters from Alaska

Here are some bighorn sheep hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alaska.
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Westwind Guide Service

Deltana outfitters - Alaska

Arctic North Guides - Outfitters

Laines Guide Service

Alaska Hunting Safaris

D and L Outfitters

Alaska Private Guide Service

Magnum Alaska Outfitters

High Country Alaska

Alaska Bush Adventures

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Supply Stores for Alaska Bighorn Sheep Hunters

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Taxidermy Services in Alaska for Bighorn Sheep Hunts and Other Animals

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Alaska Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations

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Alaska Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep, Ovis canadensis, largest and best-known wild sheep of the North American continent, also called Rocky Mountain sheep. They are found from southern British Columbia, Canada and Alaska down thru the United States to northwestern Mexico. This big game is salt after by Alaska bighorn sheep hunting guides and outfitters with a number of different packages for trips and guided hunts. A full-grown bighorn may average 40 inches at the shoulder and range in weight from 175 to 350 pounds. The great curved horns, which may take more than one turn, attain a length of up to 50 inches and is the prized trophy of hunters on a trip. The ewes have smaller horns, seldom exceeding 15 inches. The coat is not woolly but long, full, and coarse, like that of a goat.

This big game animal has a short mating season, during which the rams clash head-on in a battle for the ewes; for the rest of the year the sheep usually divide into separate male and female herds. The bighorns leap from ledge to ledge at great speed, appearing to be sailing through space, and grip slippery surfaces with the shock-absorbing elastic pads of the feet.

The animals have exceptionally acute sight, smell, and hearing, and hunters must use high-powered rifles with telescopic sights to bring them down. This is where a good Alaska big horn sheep hunting outfitter or guide comes into play. They will normally know the area well and how best to approach this big game animal without giving away your position. It is advisable to ask many questions before you hire a company for your trip or guided hunt to make sure that their knowledge is extensive for bighorn sheep hunts.

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The links above will help you in knowing the laws and regulations in Alaska and not having to find out the hard way, which would be from a ranger.

Two other varieties found in northwest North America are the white sheep or Dall sheep, O. Montana dalli, and the deep gray or grayish-brown Stone’s sheep, O. Canadensis stonei. The bighorn is related to the Asian argali.

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The Alaska bighorn sheep can be very challenging by just the sear distances that you must take a shot at this big game. The hunting guides and outfitters will be invaluable in this area, since they should know the area very well and how best to get the greatest view that is still up wind of the bighorn. Hunts for the Alaska bighorn sheep are indeed fun and Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants to hear how your trip went. Please drop us a note.