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California Black Tail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters

California Black Tail Deer Hunting Guides and OutfittersCalifornia Black Tail Deer Hunting guides and outfitters are ready and more then willing to help sportsmen in planning out a guided hunt to this beautiful state. This excellent sport can have an added benefit with the some of the surroundings that California has to offer on a trip of this type. The California hunting guide or outfitter that you hire should know the best places to hunt this big game animal within the states 158,000 square miles. Most hunting trips for blacktail deer entail the hope for the prized trophy of the antlers. Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants to help in the planning of your next trip by listing a few California black tail hunting outfitters and guides below.

Black Tail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters in California

Here are some black tail deer hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for California.
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Cottrell Ranch

Shamrock Ranch

Red Bank Outfitters

Western Wildlife Adventures

Multiple Use Managers, Inc.

California Hunting Services

Ed Roth Hunting Services

Lockwood Hunting Services

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California Black Tail Deer

Black Tail Deer: California offers a wide range of big game animals including the black tail deer, which hunting guides and outfitters have a wide assortment of trips and packages to offer a sportsman. This big game is not as widespread as the whitetail deer, but is a close relative. The only real difference is the color of the tail, which is of course black. Its range is not very wide spread in the United States or Canada, and hunters planning a trip to one of these areas can see some of the beautiful scenery. This big game is mostly found in the areas of Alaska, Oregon, California, and a few other states that haven’t listed it on their legal hunting animals list yet; also in the state of Hawaii. It was taken there to help with increasing the wildlife on the island. In Canada the providence that a black tail deer hunt can be planned is in British Columbia. It is the only providence with any real population of this big game animal for guided hunts by a hunting service to be of any real success.

As some other deer, the California blacktail deer is a comparatively small deer with uniformly tawny-colored fur which becomes heavier and grayer in the winter. Its antlers are normally not very large in comparison to its cousin the elk or caribou, but do rise on top of the head with the main beam extending directly forward and outward and the tip converging inward. Two of the short tines rise erect from the main shaft. Some of these antlers can be very large and is what sportsmen are looking for. It has a comparatively bushy tail which is conspicuously dark on the underside. At the approach of danger, the tail is held tightly down and the animal steals away silently and inconspicuously. The moment it starts to run, the tail is carried aloft and waved from side to side – acting as a warning signal to other deer to run.

The black tail deer reaches its greatest size in the north; bucks can measure up to 46 inches {116 cm} high at the shoulder and weigh from 200 to 400 pounds {90 – 180 kg}. These larger sizes can also offer large antlers and that is what the hunting guides and outfitter in California want their clients to find on a guided trip. Although a woodland animal, the black tail deer is not found only in the deep, unbroken forest. It favors the sunny glades and meadows that border thickets, where it can browse on leaves and shoots of trees, bushes, and grasses. These areas are also very popular for hunters to wait for this big game when on a hunt. Shy and elusive, it is rarely see in groups making these hunting trips a little more challenging. Each deer has its home territory of about 300 acres.

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In the northern area in California, the breeding season of the black tail deer begins around October with the stags fighting fierce battles for possession of the does. Infrequently, the antlers of two stags become inseparably interlocked in a head-on charge and both animals starve to death. The young, weighing from 3 to 4 pounds {1.4 – 1.8 kg} each, are born about May. Depending upon the doe’s age, the number of young may vary; the first-born is always single, but the following year she may have two or sometimes three. In very rare instances a doe has been known to have as many as four fawns. The California black tail deer has a life expectancy of fifteen to twenty years, and a doe may have as many as thirty fawns during her first fourteen years. Some California hunting guides and outfitters will raise these deer and release them when they are older, just to be able to offer a more full forest of big game to clients that have scheduled hunts that year.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

California black tail deer hunts can offer just as much excitement as whitetail deer hunting. The guides and outfitters in the state whom offer this big game animal should know the best areas that they live in for this deer to be found.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us have worked very hard to create a Directory that offers our clients the opportunity to find the right California outfitter or guide willing to help in the planning of a hunt. Keep in mind that these guided services may offer lodging or cabins along with supplies. Make sure to ask what the prices cover and if they have any kind of guarantee for the success of a hunting trip for California black tail deer.