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California Bobcat Hunting Guides and Outfitters

California Bobcat hunting Guides and OutfittersCalifornia bobcat hunting guides and outfitters have plenty of area to hunt with over 158,000 square miles of land to choose from. Guided hunts for this small game are plentiful as its quickness and short low to the ground size helps it be very challenging. The bobcat hunts conducted within California can be in some of the most beautiful surroundings, which only adds to the trip. Hunting-Trips-R-Us hopes that this bobcat hunting webpage will help you find the right California outfitter or guide that has the skill, which will make or break a planned trip. Please contact each company to see what services they provide and if they will fit your needs for bobcat hunting.

Bobcat Hunting Guides and Outfitters in California

Here are some bobcat hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for California.
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California Bobcat

Bobcat: This meat-eating small game animal is of the cat family known also as the wildcat and bay lynx and can be found in California along with a number of other forested regions of the United States, some lower areas of Canada, and is also found in Mexico. California has over 158,000 square miles of land for this small game to live. This wildcat is closely related to the Canada Lynx. The two animals look very much alike, but the bobcat has a longer tail, shorter ears, and smaller feet. Hunting guides and outfitters in California are skilled sportsmen themselves and are normally very knowledgeable about the habitats of the bobcat.

The bobcat has long legs, and stands about 15 inches {38 centimeters} high; its stubby tail is about twice as long as that of the Canada lynx. This low to the ground size will help the predator in searching for food, but also to escape from outfitters and guides on hunts for this small game. Bobcats weigh from 15 to 25 pounds {7 to 11 kilograms} normally, but can reach over forty pounds. Of course all sportsmen want a large kill, and the California Wildlife Department should be able to help you find out more detail about the bobcat in their area.

They have pale tan to dark reddish-brown coats, depending on where they live. Those in dry areas are pale colored, and those in damp areas are darker. All have dark spots. They have small black tufts of hair on their ears but not as outstanding as the Canada lynx. These color combinations help this predator get close to its pray, but also hide from sportsmen on a guided hunt or trip. Bobcats live in wooded areas where it has a den, which can be found in thickets, hollow trees, rock crevices, or brushy ravines. They eat rabbits, squirrels, gophers, mice, birds, and other small game animals. It hunts larger big game animals such as sheep and deer at times as well. This normally makes the farmers that are raising sheep upset and they will go out either by themselves or hire a California outfitter or guide to help hunt down the predator.

The California bobcat is a good climber, taking to the trees when pursued by hunting dogs. In spring the female gives birth to two to four young, which are able to take care of themselves by fall. Bobcat fur though is not as attractive as that of the related Canada Lynx. Hunting-Trips-R-Us hopes the above information is of help to you in the planning of your next California bobcat trip or guided hunt.

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Scientific Classification: Bobcats belong to the cat family, Felidae. They are classified as genus Lynx, species L. rufus.

The California bobcat is a good small game to plan a hunting trip for. Hunts of this type are offered by outfitters and guides throughout the state. Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants to make sure that you contact each company listed and find out as much information you can on what each company offers on their guided services. This may include supplies, lodging or cabins, hunting dogs, and equipment. Please take your time as each company will have their own pricing structure and packages for bob cat hunting in California.

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Bobcat hunting in California is just one animal of many small game, big game, and game birds that you can hunt while on a trip to this beautiful state. But the bobcat can be elusive as it is small fast and can climb if necessary. Not many California guides or outfitters have the skill to hunt this small game. So finding a good company that offers the services you will need on a guided hunt or trip is very important. Some companies offer lodging or cabins to say in. Some offer supplies depending on what kind of packages they have. Just make sure that you find out exactly what they offer and make sure that it will fit your needs as a sportsman.

The land in California offers over 158,000 square miles of area within its borders; from the shores of the Pacific to the beauty of the Sierra Nevadas. California has many areas that bobcats can be found and live abundantly. This small game can be an adventure to be sure as its quick speed and small size can be very allusive while on a guided hunt or trip.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us has listed the information on this webpage to help our visitors plan out a great California bobcat hunting trip. The hunting outfitter or guide that you hire should be able to help you in the planning of the details of hunts of different styles depending on what you need. Just make sure you take your time and find the right company and the right package for your bobcat hunt.