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Brown Bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters – Trips and Guided HuntsBrown bear hunting guides and outfitters can only be found in a few locations across North America that offer trips or guided hunts. Male brown bears can weigh over 1400 pounds and be over 9 feet in length. If you are on a hunting trip or guided hunt and should see one of these very large big game animals stand up on their back legs, well it is an awesome site indeed. The outfitter or guide that you hire will most likely know the best places to find the brown bear and those areas include mountainous terrains or deep in the wilderness where heavy woods serve a good home to this big game.

Brown Bear Hunts in the United States

There are only a few areas in the United States that allow brown bear hunts, and those outfitters and guides that offer trips should be listed at the links below.

Brown Bear States

Brown Bear Hunts in Canada

Brown bear hunts are only allowed in Canada in a small area of this country. Each outfitter or guide listed should have unique services to offer a hunter for this big game animal.

Brown Bear Provinces

Information on the Brown Bear and Habitat

The Brown Bear has a few close relatives also known as the “Alaskan Brown Bear”, and the “Kodiak bear”. They are also related to the Grizzlies”. They are the largest of all flesh-eating mammals living on land. Although a large part of their diet is plants. As the name suggest this big game is dark brown and can have small areas that are almost black in color. This massive beast has a long snout that has very powerful jaws that can chew almost anything. The brown bear have canine teeth that cut into meat like butter. As most bears, the brown bear has poor eye sight and can not hear as well as others of his kind. This doesn’t mean that they can’t see to walk, but only that from a distance that they may not notice someone standing very still who is down wind from them.

They rely on smell to find the direction of food. Although the brown bear is normally thought of as being a carnivore, this big game animal will feed on anything it finds. Making it fall into the category of “Omnivorous”. This can include grasses, fruits, vegetables, honey, fish, or even dead animals. Keep in mind it is not uncommon for it to attack and kill its prey as well.

The brown bear is called a “Plantigrade”; which means they can walk on their hind legs. Although they appear to be a slow moving big game, they can reach speeds of 20 mph for short distances. They can easily out pace a man or woman in most cases.

A close relative of the brown bear is the Kodiak Bear, which are mostly dark brown, while others are yellowish-brown. These bears, like grizzlies, are among the most dangerous of all wild animals. A number of Kodiak bears live on Kodiak Island in Alaskan waters. They can weigh over 1400 pounds and have been known to reach a height of over 10 feet. The Kodiak is one of the largest species of bear in the world. The Alaskan brown bear lives on the Alaskan mainland and on some of the Alaskan islands.

The Brown Bear of Europe and Asia is the animal which appears in many children’s animal stories under the name of “Bruin”. The word means “Brown”. The brown bear is often captured and tamed. It can then be taught to dance clumsily to music, and to perform tricks. Most European villages receive frequent visits from bear-tamers and their pets, but the children of North America seldom see these performing bears.

Bears of this kind were used for hundreds of years in England for the cruel sport called bearbaiting. The bear was fastened to a stake and was attacked by a pack of dogs for the amusement of the onlookers. Bern, the Swiss capital, received its name from the German word for “bears”. According to an old tradition, many brown bears were killed in the neighborhood on the day the city was founded.

In winter time the food is scarcer and the brown bear will go into a light hibernation state. It is more like a light sleep, which can last for a few hours to several days. The brown bears temperature will stay very high during this light hibernation state. They will live anywhere they can find from caves, under fallen trees, uprooted stumps, or dug out areas for shelter.

Scientific Classification: Bears make up the family Ursidae. The names for some of the bears are: black bear, genus Ursus, species U. americanus; grizzly bear, U. horribilis; Kodiak bear, U. middendorffi; brown bear of Europe and Asia, U. arctos; polar bear, Thalarctos maritimus; sun bear, or Malay bear, Helarctos malayanus; and sloth bear, Melursus ursinus.

Tips for Brown Bear Hunting

The tips for brown bear hunting are plentiful if you ask outfitters and guides that offer trips and guided hunts. They will be able to list many more ideas then the few we have written down for hunting this big game animal.

  • Tip One: Many brown bear hunting guides and outfitters will give out previous clients phone numbers for references. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they are will. This way you can find out how the last guided trip when for a hunter. How his party was treated, and if they got the services that they requested.

  • Tip Two: Many a outfitter or guide use bait to keep the bears in a area regularly. Ask if the services they provide include this. It doesn’t mean that there will diffinately be brown bears in the area the days that you have planned your guided hunt, but it increases the percentage of it.

  • Tip Three: You should Never go on a brown bear hunt alone. Most generally you want at least one other person to be with you. It also helps to have an extra pair of eyes.

  • Tip Four: Most areas that offer brown bear hunting have some kind of stats that you can see about the different areas for trips and guided hunts.

  • Tip Five: Many brown bear hunting guides and outfitters will go with you on a hunt, but not always. Make sure by asking them ahead of time so you will know what to expect on this big game hunt.

  • We know that these few brown bear hunting tips could have been much long, but the outfitter or guide that you hire for your trip or guided hunt should be able to provide suggestions that will help you hunt safely. We at Hunting-Trips-R-Us just want you to have a great time and to have fun. Remember no matter where you go, there you are. :)

    Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

    Brown bear hunting guides and outfitters are only located in a few areas of North America. These companies offer trips and guided hunts along with a number of other services. You should contact each outfitter or guide to make sure what they offer on this big game animal.

    Brown bear hunts can be very exciting and certainly dangerous if the proper steps aren’t taken to ensure safety comes first. The right equipment is always a must and can create problems if not available. Make sure in planning your brown bear hunting trip that you list all the equipment that you will need. You may even ask the company that you have hired to see if they have any additional ideas.

    Please drop Hunting-Trips-R-Us a line and let us know how your guided hunt went and if you got a trophy to boost about. We would also like to know how you were treated on your trip by the brown bear hunting guides and outfitters.