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Alberta, Canada Brown Bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alberta, Canada Brown Bear Hunting Guides and OutfittersCanada Alberta has brown bear hunting that many guides and outfitters are ready and able to plan your next trip or guided hunt for. This very large big game can weigh as much as 1,600 pounds and be over 9 feet. Hunts for the Alberta brown bear is very popular and very restricted with regulations that are designed to keep their populations growing. The outfitter or guide that you are looking at to plan trips or guided hunts for your party, should be researched to make sure that the services that they provide will fit your requirements. Some hunting outfitters and guides may offer lodging and cabins while others may have a more basic package. Contact each to find out.

Brown bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Alberta, Canada

Here are some brown bear hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alberta, Canada.
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Alberta, Canada Brown Bear

The Brown Bear: This big game animal was once widely distributed across the Northern hemisphere, but has been hunted to near extinction throughout the last two-hundred years by setters and sportsmen, and more recently hunting guides and outfitters. The brown bear, Ursus arctos, was also common throughout Europe, reaching northwestern Africa, and extended through Asia as far as Siberia, China, and Japan. At one time it occupied much of western North America from Alaska and Alberta, Canada {Alberta} to northern Mexico.

Today, although still fairly common in Scandinavia, The Soviet Union, Syria, parts of China, and in Alaska, and northwestern Alberta Canada, it has been exterminated in most of its former range. Hunts and trips into the unknown west of the United States and Mexico and eastern Canada. In Europe it is presently confined primarily to disconnected locales in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, in the Alps, in central Italy, and in the Carpathian Mountains of central Europe. Mainly because these areas are more remote and brown bear hunts and trips are not common. In Japan it is still found on the island of Hokkaido.

Alberta Canada’s brown bear were once thought to constitute a rather diverse group. In North America alone, the brown bear were divided into about 80 different species. Today, although differences do exist and are recognized, they are considered of minor zoological importance, and all brown bears are now scientifically regarded as a single, widespread species, with many geographical races, or subspecies. Hunting guides and outfitters are governed by laws and regulations in regards to Alberta Canada’s brown bear and hunting trips for this big game animal. The grizzly bear, U. a. horribilis, and the Alaskan brown bear, U. a middendorffi, for example, once considered full species on their own, are now classified as subspecies {indicated by the addition of a third scientific name} of the brown bear. American brown bears, once found as far east as Texas and as far south as northern Mexico. Presently range from Alaska and Alberta Canada including other parts of western Canada {Yukon, western Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and western Alberta} through west-northern Mexico, only into Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Coat color in brown bears ranges from a creamy white through various shades of brown to bluish and almost jet black. These colors help hide the brown bear from hunting outfitters and guides on a trip or hunt for this big game. In Europe the most common color is a dark brown. {The name “bruin” for bears comes from an old Dutch word for brown and was the name given to the bear in medieval European tales about Reynard the Fox}. In North America including Alberta Canada, brown bears vary from yellowish through dark brown to nearly black. The hair, especially that on the animal’s back, may also be white-tipped, giving the outer coat a grayish, or grizzled, appearance. These colors help this big game blend into it’s surrounding so it can hunt for food such as deer, elk, and other sources of meat. Such grizzled coats, however, not only occur in the American grizzly bear but also in the brown bears found in the Tian Shan range on the border of western China and eastern Kirghiz of Russia. Entirely grayish white coats may occur in brown bears in the Himalayas, and brown bears from Syria may be a pale reddish brown.

Alberta, Canada Licenses and Fees

Alberta, Canada Regulations

The Alberta Canada links shown above are for information on the laws and regulations on brown bear hunting and other aspects of this big game animal. The hunting guides and outfitters are also governed by these regulations and laws.

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Alberta Canada has brown bears vary in size throughout their distribution. The hunting outfitter or guide that you hire should have an idea of where to hunt for this big game animal, although he will not be able to predict what size this animal will be when found. Brown bears may reach over 9 feet {2.1 meters} in head and body length, a height of 3.5 feet {approximately 1 meter} or more at the shoulders, and weigh more then 1600 pounds. This size of big game will make any sportsman want a black brown hunting trip to Alberta Canada. European brown bears commonly range from 4 to 6.5 feet {roughly 1.25 to 3.5 meters} in head and body length, are about 3 feet {approximately 1 meter} high at the shoulders, and average between 300 and 550 pounds {135 and 250 kg} in weight. Still a good size and worth a guided hunt or trip for those sportsmen in the European area.