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Hunting in British Columbia – British Columbia Hunting Guides and Outfitters

While hunting small or big game in British Columbia, your guides and outfitters can show you some of the spectacular natural landscapes of the providence. From the Rocky Mountains to natural springs British Columbia attracts hunters from all over the world. The guides and outfitters listed below can help you find great areas to hunt along with any questions you may have on the rules and regulations in that area.

British Columbia Hunting Guides and Outfitters

British Columbia Hunting Guides and OutfittersA list of British Columbia hunting guides and outfitters can be found below. Each guide and outfitter offer different services and locations. Each offers unique areas to hunt in and can help you with any question you may have.
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You will need to visit each website listed above to see what small game and big game they hunt. You may have to contact them to see what openings the guides or outfitters have for hunting trips.

McKenzie Brothers Outfitting

Whitesail GUides and Outfitters

Calamity Creek

Bear Lake Guides and Outfitters

Anvil Mountain Guiding

Driftwood Valley Outfitters

One Eye Outfit

Sawtooth Outfitters

North Island Guide Outfitters

Northern Woodsman Outfitting LTD

Lehman Creek Outfitters

Batnuni Lake Guides and Outfitters

Trophy West Guide and Outfitters

Tatlow Mountain Oufitters

Mountain Spirit Outfitters

Big Boar Outfitters

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Many Types of Big Game and Small Game in British Columbia

There are many types of big game and small game animals to hunt in British Columbia, Canada. Not all hunting guides and outfitters will be able to hunt each animal that is listed below. Each website listed above should cover which animals they hunt.

Big Game Animals

Small Game Animals

Game Birds

  • Lynx
  • Bobcat
  • Wolverine
  • Coyote
  • Wolf

Each big game and small game animal hunted in British Columbia offer a unique experience for each hunting trip. The hunting guides and outfitters listed above can be contacted by email or by phone and that information is listed on their website.

British Columbia Hunting Supply Shops, Taxidermy Services, and Lodging or Hotel Accommodations

Links to British Columbia hunting supply shops, taxidermy services, and lodge or hotel accommodations are supplied below. Weather you hunt with a rifle, bow {archery}, muzzleloader, shotgun, or a shotgun slug. Hunting-Trips-R-Us has also included other links below to help complete your next trip to British Columbia.

Supply Stores for British Columbia Hunters

Each British Columbia supply store listed should be able to help most hunters in their area with any equipment they may need for small or big game.

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Taxidermy Services in British Columbia for Animal Mounts

Listed are British Columbia taxidermists offered for mounting small or big game.

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British Columbia Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations

British Columbia hunting lodging or hotel accommodation for hunters and their families.

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British Columbia Hunting Licenses, Season Schedule, Terrain, and Weather

British Columbia hunting guides and outfitters will be able to help you with information on the hunting licenses, season schedule, and any specific dates. Here is a couple of links that may help you with information you will need to hunt in British Columbia.

British Columbia, Canada Licenses and Fees

British Columbia, Canada Regulations

British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada, stretching northward from the United States boundary along the Pacific Ocean to Alaska, then to the east of Alaska to Yukon Territory. Its length from north to south is 740 miles, and its greatest breadth from east to west is 620 miles. The area, including islands, is 366,255 square miles, or larger than that of British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon combined.

The Rocky Mountains extend through the entire province from North to south. In the southern part they are 450 miles wide; in the northern part they narrow to about 325 miles. At the south their average elevation is about 10,000 feet; in the north, 5,000 feet. The highest peak in the province is Mount Fairweather at 15,287 feet. There are other minor chains of the Rocky Mountains to hunt in British Columbia. They are the Purcell and the Selkirk Mountains, the Gold Range, and the Coast Range. Along the coast hundreds of flords give the shore line an appearance resembling that of Norway. These are so irregular that British Columbia has a shore line of nearly 7,000 miles.

The principal rivers of British Columbia are the Columbia, which drains the southeastern portion, the Fraser, which traverses the province for a distance of 695 miles, and the Skeena and Stikine; all of these flow into the Pacific and are navigable for large boats in the lower parts of their courses. This is an excellent way for hunters to get to areas unavailable by other means. Most hunting guides and outfitters will not offer this service, but some do. This would be a unique way to find both big game and small game animals.

British Columbia has on the whole a milder climate than other provinces in the same latitude. This is due to the warm winds which blow from the Pacific and along the coast and for some distance into the interior. At Vancouver the temperature ranges from about 37 to 60 degrees in the summer. East of the Coast Range there is greater difference between summer and winter, and the eastern portion of the province has extremely coat winters and hot summers. The rainfall varies greatly from the coast inland. The Coast Range deprives the winds of much of their moisture, and upon the western slopes of these mountains the annual rainfall varies from 115 inches in the northern part to thirty-two inches at Victoria, while in the valleys in the interior it is about fifteen inches. Lofty ranges of the Selkirks and the Rocky Mountains deprive the atmosphere of still more moisture, and the winters in this region are characterized by deep snows, which remain upon the mountains throughout the year and furnish the source of most of the streams that rise in that locality. British Columbia is an excellent place to hunt and should be experienced at least once in a hunter’s life.

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We at Hunting-Trips-R-Us have strived to help our visitors, who are looking for small game as well as big game hunting trips in British Columbia, Canada. By visiting our Directory you can locate outfitters and guides throughout the country. The links to each guide and outfitter are companies that want your business. We at Hunting-Trips-R-Us cannot be responsible for any company listed. This is a “Hunting Directory” and these links are for advertising purposes only.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

As you pick the state for your next hunting trip in British Columbia, Canada, consider the different weather conditions, along with the lay of the land. From your choices of small game to big game the outfitters and guides listed on our website should be able to help you with your next British Columbia hunting trip.