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Hunting in Quebec, Canada – Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Hunting in the Quebec, Canada is a fantastic experience with the right guides or outfitters. The landscape consists of large forest areas, lowlands, plateaus, and some mountainous areas. Small and big game can be found in a wide verity, but most hunters are interested in a select few game animals. Your Quebec hunting guide or outfitter should be able to help you plan your next hunting trip.

Quebec Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Quebec Hunting Guides and OutfittersA list of Quebec hunting guides and outfitters can be found below. Each guide and outfitter offer different services and locations.
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With over 590,000 square miles you should find plenty of hunting areas, from lowlands and plateaus to heavy wooded surroundings. Keep in mind the climate when you hunt in Quebec, as well as the lay of the land. You will need to visit each website listed above to see what small game and big game they hunt, and to see what openings the guides and outfitters have for their next hunting trip.

High Arctic Adventures

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Many Types of Big Game and Small Game in Quebec

There are many types of big game and small game animals to hunt in Quebec, Canada. Not all hunting guides and outfitters will be able to hunt each animal that is listed below. Each website listed above should cover which animals they hunt.

Big Game Animals

Small Game

Game Birds

  • Coyote
  • Wolf
  • Fox

Each big game and small game animal hunted in Quebec, Canada offers a unique experience for your hunting trip. With over 590,000 square miles of land area you should have a great time. The hunting guides and outfitters listed above can be contacted by email or by phone and that information is listed on their website.

Quebec Hunting Supply Shops, Taxidermy Services, and Lodging or Hotel Accommodations

Links to Quebec hunting supply shops, taxidermy services, and lodge or hotel accommodations are supplied below. Weather you hunt with a rifle, bow {archery}, muzzleloader, shotgun, or a shotgun slug. Hunting-Trips-R-Us has also included other links below to help complete your next trip to Quebec.

Supply Stores for Quebec Hunters

Each Quebec supply store listed should be able to help most hunters in their area with any equipment they may need for small or big game.

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Taxidermy Services in Quebec for Animal Mounts

Listed are Quebec taxidermists offered for mounting small or big game.

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Quebec Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations

Listed are Quebec hunting lodging or hotel accommodation for hunters and their families.

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Quebec Hunting Licenses, Season Schedule, Terrain, and Weather

Quebec hunting guides and outfitters in Canada will be able to help you with information on the hunting licenses, season schedule, and any specific dates. Here is a couple of links that may help you with information you will need to hunt in Quebec.

Quebec, Canada Licenses and Fees

Quebec, Canada Regulations

Quebec is the oldest of the Canada provinces, occupying most of northeastern Canada. Quebec covers over 590,000 square miles, of which 71,000 square miles are water. This area represents about one fifth of Canada. Quebec is more than twice as large as Texas and six times the size of Great Britain. From north to south its maximum length is more than 1,200 miles, and its greatest east-west width is about 1,000 miles.

Quebec is bounded on the west by Hudson Bay and Ontario; on the south by Ontario, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence; on the east by Labrador; and on the north by Hudson Strait, which separates it from Baffin Island. Anticosti Island, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and a number of smaller islands in the river are part of Quebec.

Quebec has three main geographical divisions: the Laurentian Plateau north of the St. Lawrence, the Appalachian highlands south of the river, and the St. Lawrence lowlands. In the lowlands are thousands of square miles of level or rolling country that are well suited for hunting.

The Laurentian Plateau, or Canadian Shield, is a mass of ancient hard rock thinly covered with soil. In Quebec it slopes gradually from the south and east to James Bay and Hudson Bay on the west and to Ungava Bay on the north. The land is swampy and has thick forests. The forest of cone-bearing trees are dense in the south and central parts of the plateau, but thin out toward the north. Beyond the limit of tree growth is a belt of tundra.

The entire region is dotted with lakes, and many rivers rise in the central highlands, flowing to the south, west, and north. The rivers entering the St. Lawrence on the north bank – Notably the Ottawa, the St. Maurice, and the Saguenay – Drop in falls and rapids from the rugged highlands to the plains along the great river. South of the St. Lawrence Valley the land rises again to a series of mountain ridges that are a continuation of the Appalachians farther south. The Notre Dame Mountains in the south and the Shickshock range of the Gaspe Peninsula reach heights of 3,000 to 4,000 feet.

All of Quebec lies north of the 45th parallel of latitude, and the northern part extends to within 5 degrees of the Arctic Circle. Everywhere in the province the winters are long and cold. The warmest part of Quebec is the lowland region around Montreal, on both sides of the St. Lawrence. In this area temperatures average about 14 degrees to 15 degrees in the winter months and up to 70 degrees in the summer.

The St. Lawrence Valley is in the path followed by the storm centers that cross the continent from west to east. Weather changes are frequent. Northern Quebec feels the more stable influence of the Arctic air mass. Rainfall is adequate and well distributed throughout the year. Snow usually covers the ground during the winter months. As much as one hundred inches of snow may fall during the year in the south.

Quebec is a unique place to hunt and should be experienced at least once in a hunter’s life. The hunting guides and outfitters will be able to give advice on the better places to hunt in Quebec, Canada.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us Hopes Everyone has a Successful Adventure in Quebec

We at Hunting-Trips-R-Us have strived to help our visitors, who are looking for small game as well as big game hunting trips in Quebec, Canada. By visiting our Directory you can locate outfitters and guides throughout the country. The links to each guide and outfitter are companies that want your business. We at Hunting-Trips-R-Us cannot be responsible for any company listed. This is a “Hunting Directory” and these links are for advertising purposes only.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

As you pick the state for your next hunting trip in Quebec, Canada, consider the different weather conditions, along with the lay of the land. From your choices of small game to big game the outfitters and guides listed on our website should be able to help you with your next Quebec hunting trip.