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Kansas Coyote Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Kansas Coyote Hunting Guides and OutfittersKansas coyote hunting guides and outfitters are found in numerous places within the 82,000 square miles of land. They should know the areas that they hunt in very well and should also have the experience to find this small game animal. Coyote hunts in Kansas can be great fun as the state can be challenging with some of its surface features and moderate climate. The time of the year will play a part in your next coyote hunting trip and hiring the right outfitter or guide for your guided hunt is a must. The following links may be what you are looking for. Take your time and contact each hunting company listed to see if the services that they offer for coyote hunting will fit your needs on a trip planned in Kansas.

Coyote Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Kansas

Here are some coyote hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Kansas.
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Chisholm Trail Whitetails, LLC

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Kansas Coyote

Kansas Coyote: The coyote is found all across North America including Kansas. This small game also known as a prairie wolf is very popular for coyote hunting guides and outfitters. The range of the coyote was formerly confined to the plains both east and west of the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Guatemala, but in recent years it has been much extended. Packs of coyotes have been observed as far north as Alaska during hunting trips or guided hunts for this small game, while individual specimens have been found as far east as New York State.

The coyote is 40 to 48 inches in length and weighs 30 to 40 pounds and this smaller size gives it the ability to get into smaller places to find food and to not be hampered by heavy brush in the forest. It has thick, tawny coat and a black-tipped tail, which helps it blend in the surroundings and harder for a hunting outfitter or guide to find it. Its ears are pointed upward and its muzzle is sharp and pointed like that of a fox. Coyotes are nocturnal feeders, usually traveling in packs and uttering characteristic barks and howls. They live in burrows or rock crevices, which can easily be found in some of the surface features that Kansans has within its 82,000 square miles of land. Coyote hunt rodents, birds, and large insects and also savage for food. It is in the family Canis latrans and is a popular small game animal that sportsmen of all kinds are planning a hunting trip in Kansas.

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The companies we list in Hunting-Trips-R-Us want you to plan a guided hunt using their services. Please take your time and contact each of the hunting guides and outfitters we have listed in Kansas for Coyote hunting. Make sure that the company you hire will give you the type of services that you need to have a great Coyote hunting trip.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

Kansas coyote hunting guides and outfitters are spread across the 82,000 square miles of land in the “Sunflower State”. Good weather and regions like the Bluestem belt, High Plains, and the Central Plains are great areas for coyote to live, hunt, and find shelter. This popular small game animal can be found in rocky crevices of many types and in burrows.

The Kansas hunting guides and outfitters in the state have the knowledge about their state that is needed to find the coyote in its habitat. The coyote is also a good animal to hunt while on another type of hunting trip for other small game, or even big game. Ask the outfitter or guide that you have hired in Kansas to see what other types of animals can be hunted at the same time.

Summers can be very hot in Kansas and hunts are affected by the heat. The coyote normally likes night hunting. The experience of the Kansas coyote hunting guide or outfitter will come into play heavily in this area. Make sure that the company you hire for your next trip is one you can count on. Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants your next guided hunt to be one to remember and we would like to know how your planned excursion went. Drop us a note or email letting us know. Have a good time and always remember to be safe.