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Alaska Goose Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alaska Goose Hunting Guides and OutfittersAlaska goose hunting guides and outfitters can be found below for this waterfowl game bird. Alaska has over five hundred and eighty-four thousand square miles of land that is not only beautiful, but can be challenging for goose hunters of all ages. The Alaska goose hunting outfitter or guide that you hire should increase the chance of having a great trip. Make sure to contact each company listed as each will have different prices, packages, and services for goose hunts. These packages may include lodges or cabins or even supplies. From mountainous terrain to coastal areas to plateaus goose hunting in Alaska is one of those trips you will remember for a lifetime.

Goose Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Alaska

Here are some goose hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alaska.
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Johnnys East River Lodge

Cordova Rose Lodge

Crystal Crook Lodge

Alaska Private Guide Service

All Alaska Outdoors Guided Big Game Hunts

Izembek Lodge

Kodiak Sports and Tour - Hunting Guides

Alaska Wildfowl Adventures

Alaska Coastal Marine

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Alaska Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations

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Alaska Goose

Goose: This waterfowl game bird known as goose and very popular with hunting guides and outfitters in Alaska, can be any one of a number of species of web-footed, swimming birds in the family Anatidae, which also includes the swans and ducks. In contrast to the swans, the goose is smaller in size, the neck and legs are shorter, and the lore {the areas between eye and bill} are completely feathered. In contrast to the ducks, geese have longer feet and necks, the bills are higher and more compressed, and both sexes are alike in plumage. Like the ducks and swans, the Alaska goose have transverse, tooth-like ridges, called lamellae, inside the edges of the bill for straining edible matter from mud and water. They are feathered in combinations of black, white, brown, and gray. Geese are more terrestrial than either the ducks or the swans, and they feed mainly on land vegetation. However, the Alaska goose is an excellent swimmer. In flight they are recognized by their honking, and some species fly in line or V-formation. This V-formation gives them away to hunting outfitters and guides on a trip for this game bird.

They are found on fresh or brackish waters throughout the world, chiefly in arctic and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and many an outfitter or guide can be found in these areas offering guided hunts or trips, although a few species of the goose are also found in the tropics during the winter. Geese reach sexual maturity in the second or third year and then mate for life. They nest on the ground, and both male and female care for the goslings. The four genera of true geese are: Anser, Branta, Philacte, and Chen.

Wild Geese: The common wild geese found in the United States are described below, so of which are very popular with the local Alaska guides and outfitters whom offer trips or a guided hunt for this waterfowl.

Canada Goose: The Canada goose, Branta Canadensis, is the most widespread North American species. It is 25 to 43 inches {64 – 109 cm} long, gray-brown, and has a light colored breast, black head and neck, and conspicuous white chin patch and tail band. It is found from the Arctic to the northern United States. It flies in V-formation. This is one of the more popular game birds for hunters that have planned trips for it.

White-Fronted Goose: The white-fronted goose, Anseralbifrons, is a gray-brown bird, 26 to 34 inches {66 -86 cm} long, with a white face patch, black-barred belly, and white crescent on the rump. It breeds in the Arctic and migrates through the western United States to the Gulf of Mexico.

Snow Goose: The snow goose, Chen hyperborean, is a 23 – 31 inch long {58 – 79 cm long}, white bird with black wing tips. It is also another popular game bird for hunters. Outfitters and guides are more then ready to help you plan out a trip for this water fowl. It breeds along Arctic shores and migrates to the Gulf of Mexico and to coastal bays south of Delaware.

Emperor Goose: The emperor goose, Philacte canagica, is mainly restricted to Alaska. It is a small, 26 to 28 inch long {66 to 77 cm long}, blue-gray bird, scaled with black and white, with a white head and white on the back of the neck. It may appear in the West Coast states during winter.

Nene: The nene, or Hawaiian goose, Branta sandvicensis, is the only wild goose found in Hawaii, and it is the state bird. It is 22 to 28 inches {56 – 71 cm} long, a heavily barred, gray-brown bird with a black face and buff-colored neck.

Ross’ Goose: Ross’ goose, Chen rossii, is similar to the snow goose, but usually somewhat smaller. It breeds in the Arctic and in winter migrates to the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys in California.

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Hunting-Trips-R-Us has listed this information for your benefit and we can only hope you will use it to your advantage. The goose hunting guides and outfitters that we list want your business and some may make better deals then others. Take your time and contact each company. I think the extra time spent in planning your goose hunting trip will be worth it. Goose hunts like this are very popular and not every guide or outfitter that offers geese as one of the game birds on there website will have openings and may have already been booked up for the year. Just remember to not be hasty in making a decision on which company to hire when planning your goose hunting trip.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

Alaska goose hunting is widespread over the 586,000 square miles of land and outfitters and guides offering guided hunts or trips to this area are plentiful. But picking the right company can be a challenge if you don’t take your time and contact each guide or outfitter personally. These Alaska goose hunting companies may have many types of hunts to offer for this waterfowl game bird.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us has listed this information about Alaska for our visitors benefit. We tried to list information like; temperatures, landscapes, and links for the hunting seasons not to mention the outfitters and guides listed on this webpage. We can only hope that we have built a hunting directory that was helpful in planning out a trip or guided hunt for waterfowl game birds like geese. Please let us know how we are doing.

Before we forget, please contact each hunting guide and outfitter in Alaska that we have listed to make sure that you pick the right company. Each one will have different prices and trip packages that may increase the experience of a goose hunt. Have fun on your next planned excursion to Alaska and we hope you enjoy all that the state has to offer for goose hunters.