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Grouse HuntingGrouse hunting guides and outfitters can offer to take you on a trip that will expose you to this upland game bird. These birds can test your skills to see this pray since it is highly camouflaged. Their color helps hide the grouse from predators including hunters and the guide or outfitter that they have hired, and keep them safe. Grouse hunts takes place in not just North America, but Canada and many other places in the world. This game bird {also known as Greater Prairie Chicken} can be found in wooded and dense forest, but also in farmer’s fields, meadows, or high grassy land. This is a popular sport and Hunting-Trips-R-Us hope your next guided grouse hunt is a fun one. We have listed some grouse hunting guides and outfitters that should be able to offer you services that will fill your needs, along with a few tips for hunters.

Grouse Hunts in the United States

We hope this list of the areas in the United States that allow grouse hunts will help you plan your next trip. Please take your time and pick the best state that you feel will help make the most of your hunt alone with making the right choice on the grouse hunting guides and outfitters listed.

Grouse Hunting States

Grouse Hunting States

Keep in mind the area that you are planning your next grouse hunting trip in. Each state offers something different like; surface features and weather conditions. Always contact the guide or outfitter to find out what that state can offer a hunter on guided hunting trips. Also if you are looking for the Greater Prairie Chicken we have listed it on this webpage as they are in the same family.

Grouse Hunts in Canada

We have listed the Provinces in Canada that grouse hunts are planned in. We hope this list of different areas will help you. Just remember to ask the guide or outfitter that you contact all the questions that you would need to know about this upland game bird before making a decision.

Grouse Hunting Provinces

Grouse Hunting Provinces

The grouse hunting guides and outfitters can offer some fantastic guided hunts, so it is always best to find out as much as possible about the area you are in. Canada hunting trips can also offer the Northern Lights along with great fishing as a change from the day to day hunt. So find out as much as possible about what is in their area when planning the grouse hunting trip.

Information on the Grouse and Habitat

The grouse is a type of wild upland game bird that is related to the domestic fowls and normally lives in the Northern Hemisphere. In the United States and Canada there are a number of different species, chief of which is the ruffed grouse, partridge, Greater Prairie Chicken, or pheasant, as it is called according to locality. These are some of the most popular upland game birds for hunting outfitters and guides to offer guided hunts on. In the South, the ruffed grouse is often called a pheasant. New Englanders call it a partridge. The Canada spruce grouse is called the swamp or spruce partridge. In other places, partridges and pheasants are often called grouse. Several types of grouse are called quail.

General Appearance: A grouse has dull feathers, and grows about the size of a large chicken. Like a waterfowl, it has four toes, with the hind one raised above the ground. Feathers hide its nostrils. These upland game birds usually live in fields, meadows, and grassy places. Feathers cover the legs of most species to keep them from freezing. This upland game bird is of a brownish color, with a light-spotted breast, and trim, plum form. On the neck of the male are two large patches of black feathers, which open out, fanlike, at times. These camouflage colors help make the job of a grouse hunting guide or outfitter harder. They are expected to show the hunter the best places for guided hunts and this game bird is very skillful at hiding.

Habits: Grouse usually live on the ground, and they always nest there. During the summer they live in families and confine themselves to forests and partially barren regions, where they feed on berries, buds, leaves and insects, which they often uncover by scratching. In autumn, they may visit grain fields for the seeds, and in winter they live on catkins, leaves, and buds. Their food habits usually do not harm growing things.

In Europe and North America, grouse gradually increase and then grow scarce over 9 to 11 year periods. They are good game birds, because they show intelligence in escaping from hunting guides and outfitters. When hunted, it is their habit to lie hidden until their enemy is almost on them and then fly off rapidly with a great whirring of wings. For this reason it is a good sport to go after on a guided hunting trip.

During mating, the male grouse become fierce in the breeding season, after courting the hens with dancing, drumming, and performing various antics before the hen. They fight viciously, victor mating with the whole flock of hens; as soon as the females begin to sit, the male leaves them alone to take the entire care of their offspring. The hens usually lay 10 to 15 eggs of buff color with brown dots. The young are very sprightly and leave the nest almost as soon as they are hatched. When danger threatens, the mother gives a sharp call that warns the chicks, and on the least alarm they hide themselves skillfully. A flock of grouse is called a covey.

Some grouse, including the Canada spruce grouse, are called fool hens by hunters. These upland game birds are very curious. It is not unheard of for them to become so interested that they stand around watching the hunters and be shot very easily.

The ruffed grouse are considered among the finest American game birds. Most of the states limit to a few months the period during which they may be hunted. The prairie chicken, another grouse, once was exceedingly common throughout the Central States, but it has been cut in numbers dramatically. The sound the prairie chicken makes is a loud, hollow booming that is almost as peculiar as are a number of different species of the grouse in Europe, where they are favorites with sportsmen on hunting trips offered by guides and outfitters.

Scientific Classification: Grouse belong to the family Tetraonidae. The ruffed grouse is genus Bonasa, species B. umbellus.

Tips for Grouse Hunting

These few grouse hunting tips that we have listed may help in a small way to improve your next guided trip. Please remember that there are many other tips that would help a hunter and you can send us yours if you have some that you believe we should add. Also the grouse hunting guides and outfitters will have more if you ask them.

  • Tip One: A good grouse hunting dog is very effective in finding this upland game bird. Some outfitters or guides offer them in their guided trip. Ask when you contact each company.

  • Tip Two: Make sure you have practiced with your gun before you go on the hunt. Waiting until then, to see that you needed practice would not be good for your planned trip. After all it is not bird feed your paying these companies.

  • Tip Three: Make sure that you are shooting high enough so you don’t shoot a good hunting dog or another hunter. Always make sure of your target before you pull the trigger.

  • Tip Four: Dress for the weather. It is no fun grouse hunting when your wet or cold because you didn’t dress properly. The outfitter or guide you have hire will be able to tell you what the weather conditions are in his area.

  • Tip Five: Always hunt with a partner and never alone. This is basic 101 stuff, but always a good thing to teach future hunters on a trip.

  • Tip Six: Always were a bright vest or other colors on your body, so other hunters will see you.

  • Tip Seven: Hunting-Trips-R-Us believe it is always a good idea to carry a first aid kit in your vehicle when grouse hunting just in case of emergencies.

  • Tip Eight: Make sure you get the farmers or land owners permission before hunting on someone else’s land if you don’t hire a outfitter or guide.

  • Tip Nine: Make sure you follow the regulations for grouse hunting for your state. We wouldn’t want you to get in trouble because you exceeded the bag limit on a hunt.

  • Tip Ten: Always keep safety in mind. Don’t be foolish with fire arms, be safe. Grouse hunts are carried out all over North America and it would be a travesty if someone got hurt on a hunting trip because of horseplay.

  • We at Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants your grouse hunting trip to be one to remember. We can only hope that some of these grouse hunting tips you found on our website has helped you. The hunting guides and outfitters that are listed in our Directory may have more for you on your next hunt. Please free to contact us if you have other tips that you want us to list.

    Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

    The grouse hunting guides and outfitters that list their guided hunts may offer many different packages. For example the price may include a cabin or lodge, or meals each day you hunt, or even dogs for hunting grouse with. But just because the company that you are looking at offers many extras on their trips be careful to research the company.

    When you plan your next grouse hunting trip, always check up on the guide or outfitter that you are making plans with. Call his previous clients or contact the Wildlife Department to see if there have been any complaints. We just hope that Hunting-Trips-R-Us have helped in at lease a small part with your grouse hunting trip. If you can think of a few more tips that you would like to see us add then let us know. Have fun.