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Kansas Hunting Guides and Outfitters – Small to Big Game Hunts

Kansas hunting guides and outfitters can offer a diversity of upland waterfowl birds, and small game like turkey, goose, duck, pheasant, quail, and coyote; to big game like whitetail deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, or mule deer for guided hunts. The state has over eighty two thousand square miles of land within its borders, and can offer beautiful plateaus to farm land for hunting in Kansas. A guide or outfitter can help in locating the best places to hunt along with what services they can provide for a hunting trip.

Kansas Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Kansas Hunting

The guides and outfitters in Kansas that we have listed may hunt the waterfowl, upland birds, small game or big game that you are seeking. Each one listed is linked to their website and the prices or service that they provide for hunting trips.
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The flat state is covered with farmland and grazing lands for livestock. But with the eighty two thousand square miles of land, a guide or outfitter will know the best places to hunt in their area. The climate in Kansas is great for hunting as it is generally clear with sunny days. The state also has open borders surround it, allowing upland bird, waterfowl, small game and big game animals to easily enter. Hunting in Kansas is a unique experience for hunters.

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Ash Creek Upland Game Hunting LTD

Claythorne Lodge

CockleBur Creek Hunting Services

Covert Creek Lodge

Dons Guide Service, LLC

Flint Hills Hunts

Kansas Creek Gambirds LLC

Chisholm Trail Whitetails, LLC

Lil Toledo Lodge

Mikey Outfitting Services

Ravenwood Lodge

Rooster Palace

Elkhorn Creek Outfitters

Bell Wildlife Specialties

Busters Outfitters

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Upland Bird, Waterfowl, Big Game, and Small Game Animals in Kansas

Hunting in Kansas will not only test your skills, but the state also has a diversity of upland birds, waterfowl, big game, and small game animals. Only the most popular are being listed below. The guides and outfitters here can give you a more detailed account of what guided hunts they have.

Big Game Animals

Small Game Animals

Game Birds

Kansas is actually divided up into three regions; the High Plains, the Bluestem Belt, and the Central or Low Plains. Although the land is primarily farmland and grazing land, there are a number of areas with forest and rolling hills with valleys. Each guide or outfitter in Kansas will have their own places that they like best, so you may want to do a little research to make sure you pick the right company that offers guided hunts for upland bird, waterfowl, small, or big game animals.

Kansas Supply Shops, Taxidermy Services, and Lodging or Hotel Accommodations

Kansas taxidermy services, supply shops, and lodging or hotel accommodations are listed below. Of course you will need a place to state and someone to mount your kill. Hunting-Trips-R-Us has provided links for your needs. If you need equipment form bow {archery}, boots and clothing, muzzleloader guns to shotguns, or camping tents and sleeping bags, you can find most anything at the links for the supply stores below. Many guides or outfitters may be able to help you in these areas as well.

Supply Stores for Kansas Hunts

Supply stores in Kansas can help most hunters with their upland bird, small game, and big game hunts. From flashlights, knives, waterfowl duck calls, and cloths, to guns of all kinds the links below should be able to help you prepare for your next guided trip.

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Taxidermy Services in Kansas for Animal Mounts

Getting your kill mounted in Kansas is easy if you have the right taxidermy service. Each one listed can offer different services and prices depending on what upland waterfowl bird, big, or small game you are wanting mounted.

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Kansas Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations

Everyone needs a place to state that is on a guided hunt in Kansas. The lodging or hotel accommodations can make or break a hunting trip, so here are a few places to state in the state.

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Kansas Hunting Licenses, Season Schedule, Terrain, and climate

Hunting in Kansas means you will need a license and a certain amount of knowledge on the season schedule, terrain, and climate so you can plan out your next guided hunt. The guide or outfitter you choose can help you with most of this information, but we have listed some of the more important subjects below for your convenience.

Kansas Hunting Season Schedule

Kansas Hunting License

United States Weather

Kansas, the “Sunflower State”, is rich in farmlands and grazing lands, but don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t find a good hunting trip there. With over 82,000 square miles and a moderate climate you can find many places to go. This is where a good guided service helps with most hunts.

The weather of eastern Kansas, which receives warm air moving north from the Gulf of Mexico, may be very different from that of the western part of the state, which is exposed to cold fronts moving south from the Arctic. As a whole, however the state has very hot summers and very cold winters. Clear air, high winds, and generally sunny days are also typical. The annual precipitation from rain and snow averages about thirty inches.

Kansas is bounded by Nebraska on the north, Missouri on the east, and Oklahoma on the south, and Colorado on the west. The state is divided up into three topographical regions: the Bluestem Belt, the Central {or Low} Plains, and the High Plains. Instead of being a flat plateau, as many people think, the state slopes eastward from a high point of 4,135 feet above sea level on the western boundary to a low of about 700 feet in the southeast. The state can be quite challenging depending on what waterfowl, upland bird, small game, or big game your hunting.

The links we have provided above are for your convenience, but they should be able to help with questions on climate, and the surrounding landscape that the guides or outfitters hunt in.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us Hopes you will have a Victorious Adventure in Kansas

Having a victorious adventure for each of our hunters is what we are striving for. We at Hunting-Trips-R-Us built this directory for a hunter to find the waterfowl bird, big game, and small game in Kansas that they are looking for, but also helping you find the guide or outfitter that may fit your needs as a hunter. Keep in mind that the links we have listed are for advertising purposes and research should be done on your part to find out more about them. We are a “Hunting Directory” and can not be help responsible for these companies.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

Having a victorious guided hunt is what most sportsmen want and what many hunting guides and outfitters can provide on most trips.

Hunting in Kansas has some limitations, such as the large farming land and grazing land, there are many areas that have forest, hills, and small valleys. And with the clear air of the Gulf of Mexico just adds to the quality of most hunts. The borders of Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri are open to allow any upland waterfowl bird, small game, or big game in the state.

Keep in mind the equipment that you will need on your next guided hunting trip. The supply stores that we have listed can help you with many items such as: tents, muzzleloader guns, shotguns and shells, cooking utensils, boots, gloves, duck calls, and any other hunting need.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us would like to hear from you if you have a moment to let us know what your guided hunt was. Just drop us a line so we can hear any opinions you may have to help our website.