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Moose hunting guides and outfitters can offer some of the most beautiful scenery landscapes for trips and guided hunts depending on where in North America you are. This large big game animal can reach weighs of 1800 pounds and is a massive creature to see. They are normally found in the wilderness such as woodlands and mountainous areas, and a good outfitter or guide should be able to help you find them in the area that they offer services in. Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants your moose hunting trip to be one to remember and we hope you find these web-pages beneficial.

Moose Hunts in the United States

The United States offers different seasons to hunt moose in and a good outfitter or guide can make or break hunting trip. Follow the links below for more information on hunts and trips.

Moose Hunting States

Moose Hunting States

Moose Hunts in Canada

Moose hunts in Canada can be very exciting with the added beauty of the wilderness that only this part of North America can offer. Moose hunting guides and outfitters are listed to help plan trips and guided hunts.

Moose Hunting Provinces

Moose Hunting Provinces

Information on the Moose and Habitat

The Moose is the largest member of the deer family, a big game animal of majestic proportions. It is larger than any deer of history. The largest kind of moose lives in Alaska. Sometimes this big game animal can grow in size to seven and a half feet high and weigh from as much as eighteen hundred pounds in that area of North America, and a beast of this size would be a great trophy to bring home, but I’m sure the guide or outfitter you hire would also want bragging rights as well. Their legs and high shoulders make the moose look like it has a hump, but it doesn’t. It is a large muscle. The forelegs are longer than the hind legs; this gives the animal an awkward appearance. The moose hunting guides and outfitters that offer hunts and trips for this beast should know the best areas to find them.

The muzzle of this big game animal can droop down three or four inches over and passed the chin. A growth of skin, which is under the throat and covered with hair is, called the bell. The moose is covered with a thin fur coat that is a mixture of black and brown on the shoulders and upper part of the body. The lower parts including legs are mix of brown and gray. This mixture of colors helps hide it from people out on trips or hunts for this great beast.

Moose make their homes in the Northern Hemisphere all around the world. In the “Old World”, they live from Northern Scandinavia and northern Germany through Siberia to Amurland. Their American home takes in the region from Main to Alaska and south through the Rocky Mountains to Wyoming. Outside of America these animals are not called moose, but elk. The American elk is different. Its correct name is the wapiti.

The Bull Moose {male}, looks a little different then the female. He has antlers or horns that are much heavier and more flat. The antlers on this big game animal have up to twelve points that look a little like fingers outstretched. Every year the moose will shed its antlers then start to grown new ones. By August of the year the antlers are back fully developed and are a trophy for outfitters and guides trying to help their clients on trips or guided hunts. Like deer the moose will strip off the antler coverings, which is called velvet. They will rub their antlers against trees, branches, and rocks to strip off the dead skin. Then the moose will rub the antlers against the trees to polish them.

The moose mating season can last for as long as eight weeks in the fall months. The males look for the females or cows and call out for them. The females then call back to the bulls. This method is not perfect as the Bull Moose will fall almost any sound it hears thinking it is a cow or another bull moose that is challenging it. This is one method for Moose hunting guides and outfitters use is to use sound that resembles the sound they make during mating season. This method increases the chance that the hunter will bag a big game on his or her trip or guided hunt.

The small moose that are born from the mating will arrive in May or June after being carried for about 7 ½ months. Most moose will only have one calf, although it has been known that they can on rare occasions have up to three calves. The baby moose is brown with reddish color and has very long legs and takes about nine to eleven days before it can travel with its mother. The mother is very protective and will stay at its side and defend it against any animal or even a hunter that gets too close.

The mountains and forest is the home of most moose along with swamps and areas with lakes or other small bodies of water adjoining. The moose is a strong swimmer and have been know to dive under water to 15 feet or more to feed on plants at the bottom of shorelines. The moose is clumsy, but it is fleet of foot and is a dangerous foe when at bay. The male will protect his family even to the point of losing his own life. In the winter the animals herd together, several families being found in one group; in the summer they scatter, and individual pairs are found around lakes and streams. They are becoming scarcer every year, but are found in considerable numbers in the forests of the Rocky Mountain area and other parts of the United States and Canada.

This big game eats plants, shrubs, twigs, and other types of plant life. Not to mention that they will eat plant life at the bottom of shallow pounds or lakes. Because of their size they can easily reach many areas underwater to get mouthfuls of plant life. Then they eat this material above the water surface so they can keep an eye out for danger. They normally live alone and not in herds as caribou, elk, or deer do. But on occasion a few will gather in winter time.

Bears and wolves are predators that the moose must keep an eye out for. Although a single wolf is not a real treat, a pack of them can easily take down a moose if it is about twelve years or older, or is sick. But a healthy moose is just too strong for them. Now bears are very capable of killing this big game animal and do so on a regular basis.

Both males and females gather in small bands in swamps and woods. Here they find protection from the cold winds. This also helps protect them from moose hunting guides and outfitters on trips or guided hunts. At one time, hunters had almost killed off all the moose in the eastern United States. Today, moose are protected by laws in the United States and Canada.

Scientific Classification: Moose belong to the family Cervidae. The American moose is genus Alces, species Americana. The European species of moose is called elk. It is A. alces.

Tips on Moose Hunting

The moose hunting tips shown below are a few of many that you can get from a good outfitter or guide. These will help a beginner about to go on a trip or guided hunt, and the list can easily be added to, so feel free to send us your suggestions on hunting moose.

  • Tip One: Never hunt alone on moose hunting trips. This is always a good rule, no matter what big game you are looking for.

  • Tip Two: Your going to need to have a way to carry off the carcass. So your going to want to be in good shape to at least load in on your 4-wheeler. Even if you have several people there, moose can weigh as much as 1800 pounds. This is where moose hunting guides and outfitters can offer equipment in the packages that they offer. Find out before you hire them.

  • Tip Three: Take a good moose hunting call. You can buy these in many sporting good stores. Moose hunts are hard enough from the hiking to not find this big game. A moose call will help improve your chances on trip.

  • Tip Four: Always take plenty of water. You may be out there all day and have to hike in. The outfitter or guide that you hire may offer supplies as part of their services. Ask what they offer before hiring them.

  • Tip Five: When stalking a mouse, always try and be downwind of the animal. They will smell you coming if not and try to put more distance between the two of you. There are products you can buy that hide your scent.

  • Tip Six: Being in the woods, don’t forget your compass. It’s very easy to get lost in woods that you are not familiar with. Hunting-Trips-R-Us can testify to this one and can’t stress it enough.

  • Tip Seven: Moose hunting can be in areas where other big game can be around. Look out for grizzly bear and mountain lion if they are in your area. They will attack if they feel threatened. The outfitter or guide you hire should know what dangers are in their area.

  • Tip Eight: Know what the stats are for the area your moose hunting in. If there were a lot of kills the previous two years, then the moose population will be down and harder to find. This can make or break a trip or hunt.

  • The tips we have listed for moose hunting are just mainly for beginners and more advanced tips can be given if you ask the outfitters or guides that offer this big game animal in their services. Any moose hunting trips or guided hunts that you plan make sure that you keep safety in mind. Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants you to have a great trip and hope that in some small way we have helped.

    Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

    The moose hunting guides and outfitters in North America may have some of the most beautiful scenery landscapes in their area for trips and guided hunts. This only adds to the excitement of bagging a big game, which can reach weights of 1800 pounds. What a fantastic trip or hunt that would be.

    Of course not all moose hunting trips or guided hunts can be that exciting, but the chance is always there depending on the outfitter or guide that you have hired. Make sure that you have researched their services and contacted a few of their past clients. Also make sure that their services will fit your needs as a hunter since each hunter is different and may have different requirements for a hunting trip or hunt.

    Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants your next big game moose hunting trip to be a fun one. The moose hunting outfitters and guides that we have listed should be able to help you in planning a great trip and we hope that we have been of assistance.