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Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting Guides and OutfittersAlaska mountain goat hunting is offered in some beautiful surroundings and the guides and outfitters listed include trips and guided hunts in a number of packages for their clients. This land is very large at over 586,000 square miles giving this big game animal many places in the Rocky Mountains to hide. The outfitter or guide that we list should have an abundant knowledge of Alaska and offer services that fit your needs while on a trip of this kind. Each of their services may offer something unique for a hunt, so make sure you contact each one of the hunting guides and outfitters that we list before making a decision.

Mountain goat Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Alaska

Here are some mountain goat hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alaska.
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Westwind Guide Service

Laines Guide Service

Silver Fox Roadhouse

D and L Outfitters

John Katzeek Guiding Service

Alaska Bush Adventures

Alaska Coastal Marine

Raven Guides

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Supply Stores for Alaska Mountain Goat Hunters

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Taxidermy Services in Alaska for Mountain Goat Hunts and Other Animals

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Alaska Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations

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Alaska Mountain Goat

Rocky Mountain Goat: This Alaska big game animal is also known as just mountain goat, and its common names applied to a species, Oreamnos americanus, of goat antelope that inhabits the high mountains from the northwestern United States to Alaska. Mountain goats are nomadic and generally live in regions of heavy snowfall and prefer localities with many crags and cliffs. This makes it more difficult for hunting guides and outfitter to take their clients on trips or guided hunts to bag this big game. The trip to one of these places that the Alaska mountain goats live is normally in the more rugged areas of the mountain, thus making the hunt much harder.

They are agile animals adept at making long, flying leaps from rock to rock, and landing with both front feet close together. The surefootedness is due partly to the construction of the hoofs. The subunguis {inner layer of material of the hoof} is softer than the unguis {outer layer} and wears away more quickly. Acting as a shock absorber, the subunguis takes the punishment from the pounding which rocky terrain gives the hoofs, wears away, and keeps the hoofs continuously supplied with a hard edge. Alaska Goats are gregarious, except for the old buck, which tends to live by itself and which serves sometimes as sentinel or scout on the outer edges of a herd.

The Alaska Rocky Mountain goat is about 90 cm. {about 36 inches} tall at the shoulders. The body is sturdy and legs are short and stout. Both sexes have horns that contrast with the yellowish-white, shaggy hair covering the entire body with some being of darker hair, and beardlike tuft of hair underneath the chin. These colors help this big game animal blend in with the Alaska surroundings and harder for a hunting outfitter or guide to find them.

Alaska Rocky Mountain goats are herbivorous ruminants, feeding on any exposed vegetation they find from greens in pastures, branches and leaves of shrubbery. They are not gregarious, except during the mating season in November. The young are born generally between April and June. It breeds in the fall, generally between October and December. The gestation period is five months or, in some species, a few weeks longer. Two kids are usually produced at birth. They are soon able to move with the herd and mature sexually at six months. The following links for Alaska mountain goat hunting should be of assistance to you by showing the laws and regulations that govern this big game animal.

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Another important wild mountain goat is the Bezoar goat, or pasang goat, C. aegagrus, a brownish-gray goat about 91 cm. {about 36 inches} high at the shoulder, found from Asia Minor to northeaster India.

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Alaska has some of the most breath-taking surroundings and just adds to the experience of mountain goat hunting. The outfitter or guide that you decide upon should be very informed on the area in Alaska that they live or hunt in so ask as many questions on what kind of mountain goat trip that they offer. Keep in mind that Hunting-Trips-R-Us does not book hunts, but only supplies a list of mountain goat guides and outfitters who can help a sportsman plan out their trip or guide hunt for this big game animal.