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Alaska Mule Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alaska Mule Deer Hunting Guides and OutfittersAlaska mule deer hunting guides and outfitters are found in many different locations. These companies offer trips and guide hunts for this big game, which can be found in many areas of the 586,000 square miles of land. From the Rocky Mountains, which are covered by thick forest except for the upper areas of the mountains, to plains and coastal areas that also have good locations that Alaska mule deer can be found. Planning a guided hunt or trip to this northern state can be a daunting task and a hunting outfitter or guide is a must if you want your experience to be one to remember. Keep in mind the weather conditions and the time of year you will be in Alaska. The laws and regulations for Alaska mule deer hunting can be different then other states.

Mule Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Alaska

Here are some mule deer hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alaska.
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Taxidermy Services in Alaska for Mule Deer Hunts and Other Animals

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Alaska Mule Deer

Mule Deer: The common name for a large deer, Odocoileus hemionus, of the western and central United States to the far north including Alaska, so called because of its extremely large ears, which can measure almost 25 cm {10 inches} in length. This big game animal attains a height of 107 cm {42 inches} at the shoulder. The name black-tailed deer or black tail deer is sometimes applied to a subspecies of the mule deer in the Rocky Mountains, which begins in Alaska and runs through Canada and the United States. You can find many hunting guides and outfitters throughout these areas of North America that offer trips and guided hunts for this big game. The tail of the Alaska mule deer along the basal two-thirds is white above and dark below and black at the terminal third.

Like other kinds of deer, the Alaska mule deer species group into families around the female, with the male often becoming solitary; some others, such as the musk deer and Chinese water deer, live mainly in pairs. The red deer, which are gregarious, associate in small to large herds, each led by a mature female who is closely watched and followed by the others. Hunters plan their hunt or trip to many parts of the world for deer and they are normally in contact with a hunting outfitter or guide in those areas that they will be traveling.

Alaska mule deer forage on twigs, leaves, bark from trees, and buds of bushes and saplings, and on grasses and other plants, feeding most actively at twilight. The female gives birth once a year, usually to one or two fawns. The gestation period of the Alaska mule deer last from 160 days to ten months. Fawns are kept hidden in thickets, camouflaged from Alaska mule deer hunting guides and outfitters by their usually dappled markings. In Alaska, where mule deer have natural predators, they often over-browse their territory and may die of starvation, especially during Alaska’s winters of deep snow. Hunting seasons are adjusted to keep such populations within limits for outfitters and guides to plan trips and guided hunts for.

The most valuable single product of deer is not the meat, which is called venison, which hunters of all kinds want when hunting this big game animal. But musk, which comes from a gland on the abdomen of the Alaska mule deer; it is used in medicines and perfumes. In the United States mule deer skin is sold for shoes, boots, and gloves, and antlers are made into buttons and knife handles. The Alaska hunting links below should help you with seasons and regulations for this big game when planning your hunt or guided trip.

Alaska Hunting Season Schedule

Alaska Hunting License

United States Weather

Other Kinds of Deer: In the United States including Alaska, the most common deer belong to the genus Odocoileus. The white-tailed deer, or Virginia deer, O. virginianus, with tined antlers and a tail with prominent white underside, is found in most parts of the United States as well as from Alaska to Bolivia. The black-tailed deer, formerly O. columbianus but now considered of the same species as the mule deer, are confined to the western United States.

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Hunting-Trips-R-Us is very envious of hunters going to Alaska for a mule deer hunt or trip. This big game animal can be found in many areas of the Rocky Mountains and heavy forest that Alaska offers. Plenty of food and shelter help the Alaska mule deer survive harsh winters and hunting guides and outfitters looking for the Alaska mule deer. They can offer trips and guided hunts with a number of packages that may include cabins or lodging, hunting equipment or supplies. Just ask each company what they offer a hunter. They should also have a update list of the seasons and regulations on the Alaska mule deer and will be more then happy to supply such information if asked. Have fun and be safe.