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Partridge HuntingPartridge hunting trips are offered by guides and outfitters that will challenge you, since this upland game bird can easily hide from predators, and can do so very effectively. Each partridge hunting guide or outfitter can offer services that should enhance most guided hunts. This upland game bird is found all over North America and even in Europe. Partridge hunting is done in all types of environments such as wooded areas, fields and meadows; and some companies will be able to offer dogs in the packages that they have on their website. Hunting-Trips-R-Us hopes that we can help you find the right partridge hunting guides or outfitters as you plan your next guided hunt. They can offer services from a straightforward guided hunt to a package that includes a cabin or lodge, or meals, or even hunting dogs.

Partridge Hunts in the United States

You will find below the different places that allow partridge hunts in the United States. Each area listed will offer a unique environment and different types of surface features. The guides and outfitters listed will be able to help you plan your next partridge hunting trip.

Partridge Hunting States

Partridge Hunting States

The United States of America does have Partridge hunts across many of its states. The guide or outfitter that you hire should have a more in-depth knowledge about the surrounding land, giving you a better chance of having a great guided trip.

Partridge Hunts in Canada

Below are the Provinces in Canada that partridge hunts are planned in. Each Canadian Provinces shown below has unique environments that have much to offer a hunter. The guides and outfitters are listed in the pages from these links.

Partridge Hunting Provinces

Partridge Hunting Provinces

Canada does have much to offer a sportsman with partridge hunting. Each guide and outfitter will have their prices and services provided for the hunts they provide for this upland game bird.

Information on the Partridge and Habitat

Partridge is a upland game bird, which has chicken like qualities that hunters in the northern and western states call quail, or bobwhite. It is known to many southerners as partridge. New Englanders use the term partridge for the ruffled grouse. Canadians, in turn, call the Canada spruce grouse the swamp partridge, or spruce partridge.

There is however, a group of game birds in the Eastern Hemisphere that scientists consider true partridges. There are about 150 different kinds of these birds nearly three fourths are native to Europe; nineteen are found in North America. The bird that sportsmen call the Hungarian Partridge is typical of this group and is the game bird that hunting guides and outfitters offer guided trips for. It has been imported into America in large numbers for breeding purposes. It is also known as the European Partridge. These birds live throughout Europe and in northern Africa and western Asia.

The Hungarian partridge is an important game bird in the northwestern part of the United States and in the prairie provinces of Canada. The chukar, native to parts of Asia and Europe, is also an important upland bird in the northwestern United States. American partridges include the European or Hungarian, partridge, which was introduced from Europe, and the quails, though the name is also given to ruff and Canada grouse.

Appearance and Habitat of the Partridge: The largest of these birds is about a foot long. Partridges are rather small chunky birds with short tails, small heads, short stout beaks, and strong feet. The partridge is ashy gray on the upper parts of the body, with brown and black markings. Often there is a distinct crescent-shaped spot of deep chestnut on the breast. They find most of their food, such as grains, seeds, and insects, on the ground, and their nests are hidden in the grass or under overhanging bushes. Most hunting guides and outfitters know the best places in the areas that they are in. At night a covey forms a close little circle, each bird facing away from the center so that, in case of danger, every individual can run or fly without interference. To hide from their enemies including hunters on guided hunts, partridges rely mainly on their protective coloring, and they will squat motionless on the grass to avoid being stepped on. They fly up with a starling whir of wings. The female lays from eight to 20 eggs.

The foot-long European partridge has grayish-brown plumage, marked by fine streaks of brown and black. A reddish-brown horseshoe patch marks the abdomen, and except for the middle feathers, the tail is chestnut. Partridges are excellent game birds, providing good sport and good eating for the hunter. In many most parts of the country they are protected by small game laws and these laws should be kept in mind when planning your hunting trip.

Scientific Classification: True partridges belong to the family Phasianidae. The gray, or Hungarian, partridge is genus Perdix, species P. perdix. The chukar is Alectoris graeca.

Tips for Partridge Hunting

We have listed just a few partridge hunting tips, but there are many more. We are sure you will find that each area you are in will broaden your skills. But always be safe and feel free to contact us with other tips that you have and think should be listed.

  • Tip One: Make sure your using the right shot. Too small of a shot and you may not stop this game bird and too large a shot and there may to much buckshot in it.

  • Tip Two: Always bring water with you. It can be hot during a partridge hunting trips and you may be out there all day.

  • Tip Three: A good hunting dog is always a plus. Make sure it is well trained or he will scare off the game birds.

  • Tip Four: Make sure of what your shooting before you pull the trigger. You want to soot the right type of bird.

  • Tip Five: Know the area your partridge hunting it. This way you can plan ahead of time where you want to hunt.

  • Tip Six: Make sure you know the regulations for partridge hunting for the area your in.

  • Tip Seven: Always hunt with someone else. You never want to hunt alone incase something happens that would require emergency help.

  • Tip Eight: If your walking in a wooded or very large open area, it is a good idea to have a compass with you. It is embarrassing to tell your fiends that were waiting for you that you were lost.

  • Tip Nine: Be familiar with your gun. If it is new then you should always practice with it before taking it out on a partridge hunting trip.

  • These few partridge hunting tips are just helpful suggestions. The partridge guides and outfitters listed in our Directory will also have additional tips. You will come up with many more and even some that very few hunters know. Feel free to shear them with us. Have a great time and keep safety in mind on your next guided hunt.

    Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

    Partridge hunting is a skillful sport as this upland game bird can be very elusive with its effective camouflage. A good hunting dog can greatly help a hunter and may be included in many guided hunts that are offered.

    When planning your partridge hunting trip with a guide or outfitter, please never hunt alone. Also make sure you plan your trip out well by making sure you have all the necessary equipment that you will need.

    The partridge guides and outfitters that you find in our website are here to help you in planning the best guide trip possible. But above all else, we at Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants you to keep safety in mind as you go on your next partridge hunt.