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Polar Bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters – Trips and Guided HuntsPolar bear hunting guides and outfitters can offer trips and guided hunts in some of the most dangerous areas in North America. The unique surrounds that this big game animal lives and hunts in can be an experience you will never find anywhere else. They reach weights of over 1,500 pounds and can be over 11 feet in length. With their white coats, it is very challenging to find and bad the polar bear. The outfitter or guide that you hire will most certainly have services that are different from a normal trip or guided hunt. Please contact these companies directly for further information.

Polar Bear Hunts in the United States

Polar bear hunts are not offered in the United States as the area is too far south. Although polar bears have been found at the edge of Alaska, there is no hunting available in that area.

Polar Bear States

  • None

Polar Bear Hunts in Canada

There are only two Provinces in Canada that allow polar bear hunts. You can follow these links to find polar bear hunting guides or outfitters for that area.

Polar Bear Provinces

Information on the Polar Bear and Habitat

The Polar Bear is an inhabitant of as far north as the Arctic Circle and lives on the ice flows and the cold waters, and is well suited to their icy environment. This big game lives on the shores of land and on sea ice, but constantly is moving in search for food. The sea ice allows them to travel hundreds of miles from the shore. Some polar bears spend part of their time on the arctic shores of Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, and Siberia. Many however, live on or near the islands of the Arctic Ocean, and never come within hundreds of miles of the mainland. Many outfitters or guides will have to travel many miles with their clients to find a good spot to hunt. The favorite hunting ground of this bear is the edge of the pack ice, where icebergs and broken pan ice alternate with areas of open water. Occasionally, polar bears are seen in the Atlantic Ocean as far south as the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Their heavy white fur not only blends in with the snowy surroundings to keep them almost invisible to the pray they are hunting. It can creep silently unseen over the ice toward the seals which it kills for food. The polar bear has a smaller head, a longer neck, and a more slender body than other bears. This build helps to make it a powerful swimmer with great agility in the water. The soles of their feet are covered with hair to prevent them from slipping on the ice, and they are strong swimmers. The largest of the polar bears grow to a length of eleven feet and may weigh over 1,500 pounds.

Around September the polar bears mate, after which time the pregnant females start looking for a home to give birth. They seek out hollow caves in the icebergs or dig out dens in the snow large enough for the mother and between one and three cubs. The mother has to feed regularly before this to last until spring. At which time she will emerge with her new cubs. The cubs will stay with their mother for about two and a half years. She will feed and protect them along with teaching them what they will need to know to survive.

The polar bear normally hunts seals and has developed many ways to hunt them. Since the polar bear is an excellent swimmer, it can hunt seals in the water. It also will wait by air holes created by the seals to breathe with. When the seal comes up for air, the polar bear will grab them. Lastly they hunt walruses. He will swim up to where they are sunning themselves and catch one before they get to the water to swim away.

Eskimos depend upon them for food and clothing and do hunt them regularly. They are prized for their hides, which are made into bear rugs or are used as trimmings on coats.

Scientific Classification: The polar bear belongs to the family Ursidae. It is classified as genus Thalarctos, species T. martitimus.

Tips for Polar Bear Hunting

These tips for hunting polar bear are just general and not too in-depth. We just wanted to point out a few things, most of which is standard, but the outfitters or guides that you hire will have more that they would be willing to share.

  • Tip One: Dress for the area your going to be polar bear hunting in. This is obvious, but it’s surprising how many people don’t fully think ahead. Of course you are going to take a coat and long johns, but what if you get wet. You are a long way from anywhere if you hunting polar bear and extra clothing is always a good idea.

  • Tip Two: Make sure you have a well sighted gun. There isn’t a lot in the way as far as obstacles, so you may be taking some pretty long shots. It is a good idea to make sure that your gun is accurate. The outfitter or guide will most likely know of a good place to practice before starting your guided trip.

  • Tip Three: A compass is a must to make sure you don’t get lost, although the company you hire should know their way around.

  • Tip Four: Make sure you never hunt alone. This is a dangerous place to be hurt with now way to get someone to hear you yell.

  • Tip Five: It’s always a good idea to have a guide or outfitter to go polar bear hunting with your. They usually know the best places to find the big game.

  • Tip Six: Always check the weather conditions for the area your going to be in. The area can easily have heavy snows and high winds, which would make it harder to find camp.

  • There are many things we could have wrote out about tips for polar bear hunting, but we just wanted to show that the obvious things can sometimes be forgotten. The polar bear hunting guides and outfitters that you hire should be able to help with other tips. Have a good trip.

    Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

    Polar bear outfitters and guides can help in the planning of a guided hunt. Hunting-Trips-R-Us have created this directory to help hunters like yourself. The experience of a company that is listed can be very valuable and make a difference in a bad hunt or a great one.

    This big game animal can be a fantastic experience for a hunter and we would like to express our desire to want to help all hunters out there by listing as much information that we can to help you plan out a trip.

    We want all hunters to make sure that they spend the time needed to plan out all the equipment that will be required. The guide or outfitter you hire for polar bear hunting should be able to give you a list of the basics. Above all else we want you to be safe and have a good guided trip.