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Quail Hunting Guides and Outfitters – Trips and Guided HuntsQuail hunting guides and outfitters can be found in a wide verity of states and in a couple of providences in Canada. Its mixture of colors allows it to hide very effectively, thus making a quail hunt more enjoyable. This upland game bird can be a more skillful sport then at first glance. When planning your trip with a quail hunting guide or outfitter make sure that they offer the services that you require. Some will offer guided quail hunts that include hunting dogs. While other may be a very basic package that just gives you the right to hunt on a property. Hunting-Trips-R-Us have listed additional information like tips that can be found further down on this page.

Quail Hunts in the United States

The areas in the United States listed below are places that you can quail hunt in. Just follow the links and the quail hunting guides and outfitters for that area will be listed. Make sure that you pick the right area for your guided trip as each state can offer different surface features and weather.

Quail Hunting States

Quail Hunting States

The quail hunting guide or outfitter that you choose can help in the planning of trip. They may offer services like; cabins or lodges, meals, equipment, or even hunting dogs. Make sure you research the company before you hire them.

Quail Hunts in Canada

Below is the area that you can travel to in Canada for quail hunts. This type of upland game bird is not as wide spread in Canada as it is in the United States. The quail hunting guides and outfitters can help you with any questions you may have.

Quail Hunting Provinces

Information on the Quail and Habitat

Quail is a name given to several different kinds of birds. In Europe, it refers to several kinds of game birds of the pheasant family. Americans use the name for several game birds of the grouse family. The best known of these American birds is called the bobwhite. The bobwhite is called a quail in northern and eastern United States and in Canada where many quail hunting guides and outfitters can be found, but many people in the South call it a partridge.

The Bobwhite: This upland game bird gets its name from its clear whistling call, which sounds like “ah bob WHITE”.This bird is the only kind of quail native to the area east of the Mississippi River. It usually lives in the region from the Gulf States to southern Ontario. The bobwhite is a plump bird, 10 inches long. It has reddish-brown feathers with black, white, and buff markings. These marks make the bobwhite look as if it had a speckled jacket.

The bobwhite builds its nest on the ground, and lives in the grass. Quail hunts are normally undertaken in fields and meadows, or other open areas that supply food for this game bird. A brood may include from 10 to 18 eggs or more. Weed seeds provide half the bobwhite’s food. The rest is grain, wild fruit, and insects. The bobwhite also eats insect pests, such as chinch bugs, grasshoppers, boll weevils, army worms and cutworms. Its habit of eating insects makes the bobwhite a true friend of the farmer.

Quail flesh is a popular food. They are round, chunky birds, ranging in length from seven to eleven inches. They have short tails and large strong feet and legs. Hunters killed so many of the birds in the early part of the twentieth century that most states had to form hunting laws to protect them. A quail hunting trip is not only fun, but makes a good meal as well. Quail scatter at the approach of an enemy then they sound a gathering call once it is safe.

Other kinds of American quail are the California quail, which is a brown, gray, and white bird with a black throat also has a comma-shaped black plume that curls forward from the top of the head. The Gambel’s quail is a desert species that has a similar topknot and a black face. Other kinds are; mountain quail, scaled quail, and Mearn’s quail. The mountain quail is the largest with a long narrow plume that juts backward from the crown. The scaled quail has a light breast marked with dark scallops. Its crest is short and triangular. The Mearn’s is the smallest. All except Mearn’s have crests that stand out from their heads. Their feathers usually are slate blue, olive brown, and black and white. These upland game birds live in the western and southwestern states mostly and the quail hunting guide or outfitter that you hire will be able to give you more information about them in their area of the state.

Scientific Classification: Quails belong to the family Phasianidae. The bobwhite is genus Colinus, species virginianus.

Tips for Quail Hunting

The quail hunting tips we have listed are just basic. The guides and outfitters that you contact will have many more for the area they are in. Just follow the links listed above to find the areas you want to quail hunt in.

  • Tip One: Never go quail hunting alone. This seems like an obvious rule to follow, but it is amazing how many hunters do not practice this common since rule while on a trip.

  • Tip Two: Make sure you have the right ammo. Don’t use too big a shot for this upland game bird. The quail hunting guide or outfitter you have hired will more then likely be able to help in this matter.

  • Tip Three: Once you have made a kill, load your gun right away. It is common for more then one bird to be in the same area. You don’t want to miss a chance at others in that same spot.

  • Tip Four: Keep the weather in mind when planning your trip. This can make or break a quail hunt.

  • Tip Five: Since your going to be out for a good part of the day, take water and food. It’s the little things that can make the hunts worthwhile.

  • Tip Six: It’s best to hunt early in the season. This way you have the most quail out there for you to find.

  • Tip Seven: A hunting dog is always a plus for this type of hunt. They can not only find the quails for you, but retrieve them if they fall in the water.

  • Tip Eight: Quail hunting does take a little skill. They will not always fly up until they feel threatened. You may have to walk right up on them before they take off.

  • Tip Nine: Always were something that is bright in color so other hunters can see you. This also helps you see other hunters in your area.

  • These quail hunting tips are a few of many. Our main concern is that you have a safe and fun guided trip. The quail hunting guides and outfitters that you find here should be able to help you with other tips that you are seeking.

    Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

    Quail hunting trips are taken all over the United States and a couple of providences of Canada. Thus you will need to keep the weather conditions in mind depending on where you plan your guided hunt in. The guide our outfitter you hire can help in this matter since they will know what that area is expecting over the next few days.

    The main thing to remember is to be safe and follow safety procedures that insure that every hunter in your group will have a great time. The quail hunting guides and outfitters that offer guided hunts will most likely have their own rules to follow. They can also help you with the rules and regulations that cover that state or providence.

    Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants all guided quail hunts to be of great fun and we would like to hear back from you. If you had a trip that included that upland game bird and wish to share the details of it then feel free to contact us.