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Maryland Sika Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Maryland Sika Deer Hunting Guides and OutfittersMaryland sika deer can be found in many locations with the help of a good hunting guide or outfitter. The state has over 10,500 square miles of land which includes; a mountain region, the Piedmont Plateau, and the Coastal Plains. The outfitters and guides that we have listed should know there area and the best ways to plan out a trip or guided hunt. Make sure you contact each company to see what services they offer on hunts and if other add-on’s can be included, as each sportsman has their own needs when on hunting trips for big game animals like the Maryland sika deer.

Sika Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Maryland

Here are some sika deer hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Maryland.
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Maryland Sika Deer

Maryland Sika Deer: Sika deer are found in Maryland along with may other big game animals. The sike deer, Cervus Nippon, was brought to the United States and is also known as the spotted deer of eastern Asia, is about 3 feet {90 cm} high at the shoulder. This big game varies in color from light fawn to deep reddish-brown profusely decorated with white or yellowish-white spots and marked with a light rump patch. Thus helping it hide and escape from danger such as a hunting guide or outfitter in Maryland on a guided hunt. The adult stag carries antlers with four tines. Although the antlers of the Maryland sika are not as big as other deer, its smaller size means it takes a little more skill in bagging one on a hunting trip. The state has over 10,500 square miles of land in which this big game animal can feed and find shelter from predators. The climate is idea for the Maryland sika deer. There is a mean summer temperature of seventy-seven degrees and a mean winter temperature of thirty-four degrees. These temperatures also help sportsmen like you that are interested in this big game. The guide or outfitter you hire in Maryland should be able to help you plan out your sika deer hunting trip at the best time of the year; as they know the area, surface features, and the hunting season sika deer.

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The sike deer is normally restricted in range to the eastern coast of Asia and the neighboring islands from Formosa to Manchuria and Japan. Some of these areas have hunting outfitters and guides that are more then willing to help in the planning of trips and guided hunts to their countries. Among the number of species of the sika, the Ussuri sika found in eastern Siberia is the largest. It may stand 45 inches {114 cm} high at the shoulder.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

Maryland sika deer is offered in many locations within the 10,500 square miles of land. The state is bounded by West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east side of the state. These land boarders allow other types of big game in Maryland and also allows the freedom of movement for the sika deer.

This makes a better type of hunting trip as it normally takes more skill to find this big game animal unless you have the help of a guide or outfitter that offers trips and guided hunts. Services from these companies can vary greatly, so make sure to contact each company listed and compare not only prices, but services as well.

Some Maryland sika deer hunting outfitters and guides have services that include lodging or cabins, and may also include food and supplies; or maybe equipment to ease the burden of packing for the trip. Sika deer hunts are popular in the state and planning ahead is always the best course of action. The hunting guide or outfitter that you have hired in Maryland should be able to help you with any information that you need to know in the planning of your next sika deer hunt. Hunting-Trips-R-Us hopes we have helped in some small way, and we want all hunts to be those that you remember for a lifetime. Have fun and good deer hunting.