Hunting Trips Are Us

Let Us Video Tape Your Hunting Trip or Take Pictures

Our hunting consultants can add the option of videotaping your next hunting trip or simply take still pictures if you like. If you are interested in this additional service to be added to a booked hunt we are planning for you then let our hunting consultants know.

What a pain it is to hold a video camera and miss all the fun hunting or trying to take that still photo of the big one that got away. Our hunting consultants can simply add this service to any booked hunt you wish to plan. If you have additional questions on this service email us or call 251-504-4709 to find out more.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

Hunting Trips Are Us can now offer our hunters the option of videotaping their next hunting trip. What a great service and one that relives you from having to take pictures or hold a video camera. Just mention that you are interested and our hunting consultants will let you know the cost.