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Arkansas Wild Boar / Hog Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Arkansas Wild Boar / Hog Hunting Guides and OutfittersWild boar / hog hunting in Arkansas offered by guides and outfitters is a very popular big game. Wild pig hunts are booked by hunting companies throughout the year. The state has so much to increase the experience of the sportsman, from mountainous terrain that is found in the Blue Mountains and Rich Mountains to beautiful forest covered valleys. Arkansas is rich in big game animals like hog / wild boar and hunting trips are great fun if you have the right company to help in the planning of your hunt. Each Arkansas wild boar hunting guide or outfitter has their own type of services to offer on guided hunts. The packages they have can have different designs depending on what kind of hunting trip you are interested in. The best way to proceed is to contact of the Arkansas hunting outfitters and guides to see what services they offer for feral wild pigs that best fit what your trip will require.

Wild Boar / Hog Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Arkansas

Here are some wild boar / hog hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Arkansas.
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Arkansas Wild Boar / Hog

Arkansas Wild Boar / Hog: The Arkansas wild boar or hog is a wild pig, belonging to the group of even-toed ungulates {hoofed mammals} that do not chew the cud. This big game is offered by hunting guides and outfitters in Arkansas throughout the state, and many sportsmen travel far for a wild boar / hog hunting trip. The term “boar” is also commonly used to refer to the male in domestic swine.

The eyesight and hearing of the wild boar / hog are only moderately well developed, but it has a keen sense of smell. The ears are fairly large and rounded. This big game animal can easily smell the scent of hunters like an outfitter or guide going through the woods in Arkansas. That is why many Arkansas hunting guides and outfitters have techniques to help hide their scent. For example not wearing any cologne or washing with a soap and shampoo that doesn’t have a strong smell to it the morning of the hunt or before leaving on the hunting trip buying products that the hunter puts on their body to help hide the smell.

The coat is grayish-brown and made up of long, coarse, black, bristly hair over a thick, woolly coat of yellowish under-fur. The hair of hogs and wild boars in warmer climates like that in Arkansas is much less dense, however. The bristles of the hog / wild boar are in great demand and are used in the manufacture of the best utility paint brushes.

The outstanding characteristic of the wild boar / hog is its remarkable nose or snout. At the end of a round, rubbery, flexible muzzle there is a flat, naked disk which is reinforced with tough gristly fiber that is attached to the skull. This flexible snout is as useful and important to the boar as a trunk is to an elephant. With it, this big game animal can lift rocks, push over logs, and dig in the ground for its food. A good Arkansas wild boar / hog hunting guide or outfitter will know the signs that this big game was in the area recently. The skill level is not the same for all hunting outfitters or guides in Arkansas, so make sure you research the companies that you are about to book a trip or guided hunt with to see what kind of experience they have. After all Arkansas hog / wild boar hunts can be a great trip if you have the right company to help plan it out.

The wild boar lives largely in temperate climates and frequents forested and broken country. Arkansas has many woodland areas within its 53,000 square miles of land. The ripening of acorns in the oak forests brings large numbers of migrating wild boars together. Almost anything edible that is found in the forests is food for the boar, but the bulk of its food consists of roots, tubers, worms, and insect life found below the surface of the ground. Some guides and outfitters include the use of bait and traps on hunts, while others will just bait the same area every day or two so the wild boar / hog will continually come back.

Like domestic pigs, the wild boar / hog is prolific and may have from 4 to 6 young in a litter, twice a year; domestic pigs may have up to 22 in a litter. The male boars, which usually travel separately in small groups that may number half a dozen or more in other parts of the world, join the herds of females during the mating season, but there is little or no competition for possession of the females. After the mating season, the males again separate into small bands of their own or by themselves. The period of gestation is 16 weeks, and as the time for pigging draws near, the female makes a comfortable nest in a thicket or tall grass. At birth, the young are small but quite active. They are brown in color with spots and longitudinal stripes. When young pigs are old enough to travel and to join the females, they are known as sounders.

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The life expectancy of a wild boar / hog is from 25 to 30 years assuming they survive the Arkansas hunting season. Many sportsmen plan hunting trips and guided hunts for this big game. Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants to remind you to research each Arkansas hunting guide or outfitter to make sure that the services in which they provide will meet your needs.

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Hunting hog / wild boar or pig in Arkansas is challenging and takes a certain amount of skill. Not knowing the surroundings is what all sportsmen face. That is were a good hunting guide or outfitter can be very helpful in finding the best places to wild boar hunt. They should know their surroundings and where the best food sources are, and many times the outfitters and guides themselves are the source of food for the wild pig as they are using baiting methods.

Arkansas is a great place for the wild pig, wild boar, or hog {depending on what you call this big game animal} to live. The state is full of food and shelter. With the Blue and Rich Mountains and many woodland areas and valleys you shouldn’t have any trouble having a great hunting trip in Arkansas. The wild boar hunting guides and outfitters should know the area where they live and also may be able to tell you about some other places to visit that are outside of the hunts that they offer.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us has enjoyed helping our visitors find the Arkansas outfitters and guides that offer guided hunts for this big game. We hope that you come back to our website whenever you have hunting needs. As our directory grows we are hoping to offer even more services and information that will help hunters plan out their wild boar / hog trip better. Remember to be safe and happy hunting in Arkansas.