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Wyoming Hunting Guides and Outfitters – Small to Big Game Hunts

Wyoming hunting guides and outfitters can have a diversified list of animals for a guided trip to choose from. From big game like whitetail deer, mule deer, cougar, moose, pronghorn antelope, black bear, goat, and sheep; to small game, waterfowl, and upland bird hunts like goose, turkey, duck, pheasant, grouse, and coyote. The state has over ninety eight thousand square miles of land, with surface features like the Rocky Mountains that forms the Continental Divide; to heavy forest areas that a hunting guide or outfitter will surely want to take advantage of. Hunting in Wyoming can be one of those lifetime experiences, and we hope our directory will help in panning your next guided hunt.

Wyoming Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Wyoming HuntingWyoming hunting guides and outfitters listed can offer a mixture of upland birds, waterfowl, small and big game hunts. Just follow the links to each website and their prices and other information for a hunting trip will be provided.
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Hunting in Wyoming can offer much more then most other states. It has a wide verity of upland bird, waterfowl big, and small game animals. The large wilderness areas are normally covered with heavy wooded forest and can be quite easy to lose one’s way. The climate is normal for a mountainous area, and can be very unforgiving. Good planning on what equipment to bring is a must. The guide or outfitter you contact should be able to help you plan any hunting trips in Wyoming.

Yellowstone Outfitters

Wyoming Wildlife Outfitters

Wyoming Edge Outfitters

WyCon Safari, Inc.

AJ Brink Outfitters

Allens Diamond 4 Ranch

Sweetwater Outfitters

Bald Mountain Outfitters

Barlow Outfitting

T Lazy T Outfitters

Silver Wing Sporting Club

High Plains Wingshooters

Klondike Ranch

Lewis Outdoor Adventures

Waterfowl Hunts

Bliss Creek Outfitters

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Upland Bird, Waterfowl, Big Game, and Small Game Animals in Wyoming

Hunting in Wyoming can have a diversified list of upland bird, waterfowl, big game, and small game animals for guided hunts. The list below will take you to Wyoming hunting guides and outfitters that will hunt that game. Their websites should give you more detailed information about their services.

Big Game Animals

Small Game Animals

Game Birds

  • Bobcat
  • Fox
  • Coyote
  • Prairie Dog

Hunting-Trips-R-Us have listed links for hunts in Wyoming that should be of assistance on your next trip. The more popular waterfowl, upland bird and small game are goose, turkey, duck, pheasant, coyote, and grouse; and the big game cover animals such as bighorn sheep, mountain goat, whitetail deer, mule deer, black bear, antelope, and many others. Keep in mind the lay of the land as it will affect your guided hunt for the good or bad depending on how prepared you are. The mountains are unforgiving for the unprepared hunter. But the pure air in the higher altitudes can be very healthful for most hunters. With very little pollution to block your view, a hunter can see many miles in all directions from mountain tops or ridges. We hope all sportsmen will have a chance to view such a beautiful sight.

Wyoming Hunting Supply Shops, Taxidermy Services, and Lodging or Hotel Accommodations

Wyoming hunting supply shops, lodging or hotel accommodations, and taxidermy services are listed to help our visitors find what they need on their next guide trip. Hunting equipment from camping supplies like tents and clothing to muzzleloader, bow {archery}, shotgun slugs or shells can be found from the links below as well as for taxidermy services and lodging or hotel accommodations offered in Wyoming. Hunting-Trips-R-Us hopes these services will be of help.

Supply Stores for Wyoming Hunts

Wyoming supply stores can deliver to you the equipment for hunts of all kinds. From a Muzzleloader gun, to shotgun slugs or shells, bow {archery}, knifes, to camping tents and cooking utensils you will be able to fulfill any guided hunting trip for waterfowl birds, small or big game.

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Taxidermy Services in Wyoming for Animal Mounts

Taxidermy services in Wyoming for waterfowl bird, big, and small game are listed below. The taxidermists can mount many different types of animals. Just contact them directly for any questions you may have.

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Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations in Wyoming

Wyoming hunting lodge or hotel accommodations for sportsmen and others in their party. The hotels listed are linked to their main websites to show where in Wyoming they are located.

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Wyoming Hunting Licenses, Season Schedule, Terrain, and Climate

Wyoming hunting guides and outfitters can furnish you with information on the season schedule, hunting licenses, and the terrain of the land in their area. Along with what bird, small, and big game they offer in that area. Guided hunts can vary greatly from one part of the state to another.

Wyoming Hunting License

Wyoming Hunting Season Schedule

United States Weather

The name, Wyoming was taken from the Indian name “Maugh wauwama”. Yellowstone National Park finds its home here. The state is covered with woodlands and is a hunters dream with almost 98,000 square miles of land. The climate is typical of the mountainous region. One of the links listed should be able to help you plan your next trip.

Wyoming lies between Montana on the north and Colorado on the south, with South Dakota and Nebraska on the east and Idaho and Utah on the west. This large area surrounding it's borders can allow many more big game and small game onto the land. The state, for the most part, is composed of mountains and plateaus, and the great plains of the Mississippi valley slope away from the foothills in the east. The main axis of the Rocky Mountains, which forms the Continental Divide, extends from north to south.

Wyoming has the typical climate of the mountainous region of the northwest. The air is pure and dry, clear weather prevails and the high altitude is for many healthful. The average annual temperature is 45 degrees; the mean annual rainfall is 13 inches. The state offers much to a hunter whether he is bow hunting or a muzzleloader, you will enjoy any wildlife hunts that the state has open.

The hunting guide or outfitter that you pick can help you plan out your next guided trip. From what the best waterfowl, upland birds, big, and small game are in Wyoming to detailed information about the surrounding area and climate.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us Hopes you have a Fortunate Hunt in Wyoming

With ninety eight thousand square miles of land, including the Rocky Mountains and heavy wooded forest, Hunting-Trips-R-Us feels that you will fully enjoy your guide hunt. The upland birds, waterfowl, small, and big game that can be hunted in Wyoming should fill your time completely with the challenging surroundings. We are not responsible for any guides or outfitters listed, as the links we show are for advertising purposes only. But the guided hunts in Wyoming can be a trip to remember if you plan ahead and have all the equipment that you require.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

Hunting in Wyoming can be a great trip and it’s most helpful if you have a good guide or outfitter that can help plan guided hunts. The state has everything from the Rocky Mountains, which include the Continental Divide. What a great hunting story it would be to have a guided hunt in that area.

The area offers a diversified list of upland birds, waterfowl, and small game like coyote, goose, pheasant, grouse, duck, grouse, and more; to big game like pronghorn antelope, elk, moose, black bear, whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, goat, and even mountain lion. Wyoming has it all and should be a great place to plan your next trip.

The other links we have are for supply stores, which can supply muzzleloader guns, bows {archery}, shotgun slugs and shells. To camping gear like tents, boots, or knifes. The hotel accommodations listed can help you find a place for lodging. The taxidermy services listed can help not only mount your game, but in some cases get it home for you.

With the state having a wide birth of land surrounding its borders from Montana, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, South Dakota, and Nebraska, there is plenty of area for wild animals to enter the state. This in turn increases the waterfowl, upland birds, small game and big game, thus creating the opportunity for better hunts in Wyoming.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us have tried to build a great directory to help all sportsmen with upland bird, waterfowl, small game, and big game. We hope the Wyoming hunting guides or outfitters that are listed will give you a great guided trip. The hunts they provide should be fulfilling, so it is always a good idea to contact some of their previous clients. Have a good time!!