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Research into Spnsored Links and Why Those Links Are Not As Effective

Some of our competitors buy links at the top of search engine listings. These links are called "Sponsored Liks". About 70% to 75% of people doing searches {some of them looking for you} Do Not click on those sponsored links. Below are just a few of the Companies that have listed the researched information.

The Search Engine Roundtable

Marketing Sherpa – Research Data

Pandia Search Engine News

We at Hunting Trips-R-Us can be found with over 20,000 keyword phrases in search engines under their “natural listings”. This makes our Hunting Directory very effective, and should be obvious once you have read the information at the above websites. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about this. 251-747-4600

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

As you pick the state for your next hunting trip, consider the different weather conditions of each state, along with the lay of the land. From your choices of small game to big game the outfitters and guides listed on our website should be able to help you with your next hunting trip.