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Protection of the American Bison / Buffalo

Protection of the American Bison / BuffaloGreat herds the American Bison / Buffalo once roamed over North America between the Appalachian Mountains on the east and the Rockies on the west. The Indians hunted them for centuries, and used their flesh for food and their hides for clothing. When the number of buffalo declined, many groups of Indians that lived on the plains found themselves without food. In 1850, about 20,000,000 of these animals still thundered over the western plains. Huge herds often halted early railroad trains by crossing the tracks.

Protection of Bison: By 1889, only 551 bison could be found alive in the United States. Then efforts started to prevent the whole species from becoming extinct. William Temple Hornaday {1854 – 1937}, an American zoologist, did much to protect and increase the herds. Big game laws and other protective measures allowed the surviving bison to live and multiply. As a result, over 20,000 bison now live in the United States. These are scattered in many herds living on fenced game preserves. Many outfitters and guides also have areas that they have fenced off for hunters to experience a big game hunt for the American bison or buffalo. There is a wild heard of more than 1,000 lives in Yellowstone National Park. Over 20,000 more roam in Canada. Most of these live in the immense Wood Buffalo Park, south of Great Slave Lake.

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The protection of the American Bison / Buffalo was very important as it helped this big game come back as a species. This also helps hunters who want to experience the trill of hunting this big game, which guides and outfitters offer trips and guided hunts for.