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Georgia Black Bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Georgia Black Bear Hunting Guides and OutfittersGeorgia black bear hunting is a fantastic trip if you use the right guides or outfitters for your big game guided hunt. This large beast can easily outrun a man. They normally don’t attack people in Georgia unless feeling threatened, but have been known to do so to campers in wilderness areas. So be on guard when looking for this big game as they can turn on a dime and be the attacker. The outfitter or guide that you hire should know the proper way to handle guided hunting trips safely. Safety should always be first on hunts in general, but especial in the heavy forest of Georgia where the summer months can be very hot and humid. The Blue Ridge Mountains does offer the black bear a great place to live.

Black Bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Georgia

Here are some black bear hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Georgia.
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The Black Bear in Georgia

The American Black Bear: Inhabiting much of forested North America, the American black bear, Ursus americanus, is found from northern Alaska east across Canada to Labrador and Newfoundland, and south through much of Alaska, virtually all of Canada, and most of the United States {including Georgia} into central Mexico {Nayarit and Tamaulipas states}. There are many Georgia black bear hunting guides and outfitters offering trips or hunts with a wide range of services.

The American black bear occurs in many color phases in addition to its usual glossy black coat, brownish muzzle, and small white patch on the chest, which helps hide it from hunters on a big game hunt. The most common alternate coloration is one of various shades of brown, with the reddish brown, or cinnamon, phase being quite common in the western United States; brown and black-colored cubs may appear in the same litter. Other color phases include a blue, with a brownish muzzle, the blue being more precisely a bluish black; and a white or yellowish white, with brown eyes {not the red eyes of an albino}. The blue phase, found in the region of Yukatat Bay and the St. Elias range in southeastern Alaska, is known locally as the glacier bear. The white phase, known as Kermode’s bear or the island white bear is found along the coast of central British Columbia {Gribble Island}.

The American black bear grows to about 6 feet {1.8 meters} in head and body length, plus a six inch {15-cm.} tail, about 40 inches {102 cm} high at the shoulders, and usually 200 to 300 pounds {about 90 to 135 kg}, but up to about 600 pounds {about 270 kg} in weight. The size of this trophy only encourages Georgia hunting guides and outfitters to offer trips for this big game animal. In some classifications, it is placed in a genus of its own as Euarctos americanus.

Georgia black bear hunting is a extremely fun activity that most sportsmen enjoy. The guided trip that you plan with one of these guides or outfitters can be expensive, so make sure that you are getting the services that you think you need for having the best time.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us have listed links that we think will help you in Georgia with your guided hunt. The state has over fifty eight thousand square miles of land within its borders. The state’s open borders with Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina give the black bear plenty of roaming room. We hope you enjoy the services that the companies listed provide.

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With the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Cohuttas Mountains, both part of the Appalachian ranges, gives the black bear plenty of areas to live. This rugged part of the state can be very dangerous if you don’t have the right guide or outfitter leading your guided hunt. Please drop us a line to let us know how your hunting trip went.