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Alaska Black Tail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alaska Black Tail Deer Hunting Guides and OutfittersThe Alaska black tail deer hunting guides and outfitters that we list should have trips and guided hunts for this big game. Many of the areas within the over five-hundred and eighty-six thousand square miles of land contain the black tail deer. It can be found in the heavy woodland forest of the state and the mountainous areas as well. This very large wilderness area that Alaska provides this big game animal will only enrich your hunting experience. An outfitter or guide can be found in many locations across the state and are each more then willing to plan out a trip or guided hunt for a sportsman that wants to have that “Go back to Nature” feel.

Black Tail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters from Alaska

Here are some black tail deer hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alaska.
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Alaska Deer Hunting

Whale Pass Lodge

Port Lions Lodge

Silver Fox Roadhouse

Kodiak Charters

Alaska Coastal Marine

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Taxidermy Services in Alaska for Black Tail Deer Hunts and Other Animals

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Alaska Black Tail Deer

Black Tail Deer: The deer family has about forty species and seventeen genera, in which the black tail deer is included. These deer families cover all of Central America, South America, and North America, Asia, North Africa, and most of the countries in Europe, but most of the blacktail deer is located in North America. These areas are Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon in the United States and British Columbia in Canada. Woodland areas, meadows, and fields are excellent locations for an Alaska black tail deer hunting guide or outfitter to find this big game.

The deer family have a wide range of sizes and cover the moose or elk that can reach seven feet high at the shoulders to middle size like the Alaska black tail deer, then down to something as small as the pudu, which is on thirteen inches high at its shoulders and lives in South America.

Black tail deer are as most deer with strong legs for running and good color of their hide for camouflage against not only its natural enemies as bear, wolfs, and cougars, but Alaska hunting guides and outfitters trying to find this big game while on a trip or guided hunt. The colors allow this game animal to blend in with its surrounds such as dense wooded forest or light colors, which are in open fields.

The Alaska black tail deer eats plant leafs and fruit, which can be found on low growing bushes or trees. The blacktail deer’s internal bodies have no gallbladder but do have a liver. This big game animal has a stomach which has 4 chambers inside of it to process the food it intakes during the day. Their teeth are very well made for grinding plant leafs and fruit down to be processed. Many guided hunts have found the remains of areas that the black tail deer were feeding at before being startled off by other animals or hunters on a deer hunting trip.

The black tail deer has antlers as most deer do. They can be very large in size and are the prize of any Alaska outfitter or guide on a hunting trip. There was an ancestor of this big game called the Megaloceros, which antlers were over 10 feet wide. Can you just imagine what it would be like for a hunter to go out on an Alaska hunting trip and come back with a set of antlers like that to hang on his living-room wall. Well let’s face it, his wife wouldn’t like it, but I suspect that the hunter would get to hand it, though maybe in his study and not in the living-room. LOL. Hunting-Trips-R-Us would love to show such a pair of antlers, if someone happens to come across a picture of some this big.

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The above links are to websites that can help you with information on Alaska black tail deer hunting. They should be looked at and then write down any information that you may need to keep in mind when talking to a hunting guide or outfitter about a hunt or trip in Alaska.

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When planning your Alaska black tail deer hunting trip or guided hunter, remember that the guides or outfitters that we list are wanting your business and most are willing to do what they have to, to insure a great experience. Make sure that you investigate each company you look at to make sure that the services they provide will enrich your next Alaska black tail deer hunt. Hunting-Trips-R-Us hopes that we have helped and would like to hear how all your hunts went that you planned within the past year. Just drop us a letter and we’ll see if we can get it posted to our website.