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Alberta, Canada Caribou Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alberta, Canada Caribou Hunting Guides and OutfittersAlberta Canada caribou hunting is trilling and a good guide or outfitter is a must. All caribou hunting guides and outfitters that we list have unique surroundings to their area as well as different services. The providence offers over 255,000 square miles of land and is a good place to plan a hunt or trip. The weather is a factor and should always be kept in mind. The company you hire should be able to help with that. Caribou hunting is one of those experiences that all sportsmen should try. Guided hunts for this big game animal are very popular and you should look at each company before making a decision.

Caribou Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Alberta, Canada

Here are some caribou hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alberta, Canada.
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Alberta Caribou

Alberta Caribou: Guided hunting trips for this big game deer can be found, mainly in the arctic, regions of the world, but also in Alberta, Canada. Here guides and outfitters offer hunts of different types and services. The caribou is the only member of the deer family in which the doe as well as the stag or male has antlers, and these are what some sportsmen will value enough that it will ether make or break a hunting trip. European caribou species, especially the domesticated breeds, are called reindeer. The earliest known caribou or reindeer lived in North America and Europe and was much the same in appearance then as it is today. Although caribou hunting was very different from today as a hunter can just pick up the phone and call an outfitter or guide service to plan out a Alberta caribou hunt for this or any other big game animal.

The Alberta Caribou, Rangifer, ranges in height from 33 inches to 60 inches {83-154 cm} at the shoulder and weighs from under 200 pounds up to 800 pounds {90-360 kg}. The size of the big game can make a great trophy for a sportsman on a trip and you should pick and choose wisely when planning a guided hunt in Canada. Like all cud-chewing ungulates, it has cloven hoofs and no teeth in the front of the upper jaw. It has a short tail and large ears. Its eyesight is poor, but it has a well-developed sense of smell and can hear well. For this reason many caribou hunting guides and outfitters will direct their clients to take a longer shot for this big game. Most caribou are brownish in color, paler and grayer on the back and darker on the head and legs. The neck and throat mane is white or whitish. The caribou’s winter fur is compact and made up of long cylindrical hairs that extend straight out from the skin, forming a deep, soft cushion and providing insulation for the conservation of body heat. The caribou also has a covering of hair over its nose. Since the Alberta caribou has these different colors, it will help this big game blend into the surroundings. Thus making a caribou hunt more challenging.

The Alberta caribou is readily recognized by its enormous antlers, spreading as they rise until finally they bend forward and terminate in broad palmate points. Big game hunts for the Alberta caribou are very popular as the antlers are sought after on all hunting trips by sportsmen. Most Alberta caribou hunting areas should be known by the guide or outfitter that you have hired for this big game hunt. So make sure you discuss what is being offered by the company you contact in Canada.

A large brow tine extends forward over the face and spreads into a vertical palm that the Alberta caribou uses for shoveling away the Canada snow, which can be considerable and digging down to buried reindeer moss, a lichen that is this big game animal’s chief source of food during the long, hard winter months. The fawn begins to grow antlers when it is only two months old. The Alberta caribou antlers are shed every year. The stag drops his antlers in November or December, but the doe carries them until April or May. New antlers start to grow again about two weeks after the old ones are dropped. They reach full growth in a few months. The antlers are the trophy of many a sportsman on a hunt. And coming back from an Alberta caribou hunting trip with a massive antler is what all sportsmen want to happen. Most caribou hunting outfitters or guides are more then willing to show you the size of some of the antlers that they have hanging in their lodge or cabin from many past caribou trips. Just ask and see.

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The caribou has large feet and spreading hoofs for support when traveling over the soft tundra and marshy snow very efficiently with its feet. This makes guided hunts far harder as this big game animal may be able to get away quicker. The animal has a fast, swinging trot that can be kept up indefinitely and enables it to outdistance a pack of wolves. When the caribou moves, its ankle joint makes a strange clicking sound. The caribou is also a fast swimmer. These characteristics help make a big game hunt like this a challenge and a good caribou hunting guide or outfitter is a must for a planned trip.

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Alberta Canada has many types of animals to hunt within its 255,000 square miles of land. Small and big game like the caribou can be a great experience if you have the right hunting guide or outfitter. Each company listed has unique services that they can offer a hunter and different packages that may include a lodge or cabin.

The caribou guides and outfitters listed should also be able to tell you the best times of the year to plan out a guided trip. Hunting-Trips-R-Us has strived to be the best directory on line and hope that we have fulfilled the needs of our visitors. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions about caribou hunting or any other type of big game, small game, or bird game that may be helpful to readers like you.

Also we would like to know how your trip to Alberta Canada went. Was the guided hunt what you thought it would be and did the outfitter or guide do everything they promised? Did you think you got your money’s worth? Please drop us a line and let us know. Happy Alberta Caribou Hunting!!!!