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Alaska Duck Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alaska Duck Hunting Guides and OutfittersAlaska duck hunting is very popular as the state offers some of the most experienced duck hunting guides and outfitters in North America. More then 586,000 square miles of land are at your disposal and the beautiful surrounds just add to the trip for this waterfowl game bird, which may include the mallard and teal duck. Alaska has everything from costal ranges, plateaus, and mountainous terrains that are just as inviting as any other state in the U.S. or Canada. The weather is a factor and should be kept in mind when planning out the duck hunt. Hunting-Trips-R-Us has listed some duck hunting guides and outfitters that are more then willing to help you plan out your next guided hunt in Alaska. Contact each one to see which one offers the most that fits your needs as a duck hunter.

Duck Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Alaska

Here are some duck hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alaska.
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Alaska Wildfowl Adventures

Whale Pass Lodge

Port Lions Lodge

Johnnys East River Lodge

Cordova Rose Lodge

Crystal Crook Lodge

Alaska Private Guide Service

All Alaska Outdoors Guided Big Game Hunts

Izembek Lodge

Kodiak Charters

Kodiak Sports and Tour - Hunting Guides

Alaska Coastal Marine

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Taxidermy Services for Mounting Your Trophy

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Alaska Duck

Duck: This web-footed, swimming waterfowl game bird is in the family Anatidae, which also includes the goose and swan. And is a very popular game bird with Alaska hunting guides and outfitters offering trips for it.

It is distinguished from the goose and swan by its comparatively small size, short neck, and legs, its somewhat flattened body, which help it from being seen by hunters on a trip for this game bird, and the sexes usually have a different plumage. In common with them, and with the flamingo, it has transverse, tooth-like ridges, called lamellae, just inside the edges of the bill, for straining edible matter from mud or water. The numerous species of duck occur throughout the world on fresh or salt waters and on many small oceanic islands.

Wild Ducks: The American Ornithologists’ Union places the wild ducks in two subfamilies and six tribes. {A tribe is a category of classification just below subfamily and above genus.} The subfamily Anserinae includes one tribe of ducks, Dendrocygnini. These are the tree ducks, most nearly related to the geese. The remainder of the ducks is grouped in the subfamily Anatinae {ducks, or true ducks}, which includes five tribes. These are Tadornini, the shelducks; Cairinini, the Muscovy ducks and allies {closely related species}; Anatini, the dabbling ducks; Aythyini, the pochards and allies; and Mergini, the eiders, scoters, mergansers, and allies. The Anatini are particularly well known because they are surface-feeding ducks that mainly inhabit bodies of fresh water. They feed in the shallows by tipping with the head and foreparts in the water and the tail in the air. They include the mallard, black duck, baldpate, gadwall, pintail, teal, wigeon, shoveler, wood duck, and mandarin.

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The mallard duck and the teal duck are water fowl game birds very popular in Alaska and are advertised by most outfitters and guides in the state. Also well known are the Aythyini, or diving ducks, which include those species that inhabit fresh or brackish waters and regularly dive or swim underwater for food or protection. These include the redhead, canvasback, scaup, pochard, and others.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us have listed this information on duck hunting and habits of the duck for our visitors. We hope that it helps you plan out a great guided duck trip to Alaska and also helps you find the right outfitter or guide that offers the most for your needs. Try and remember that duck hunts including the most popular Mallard and Teal can be a trip of a lifetime if you are planning it out with the right equipment. Make out a list to help you take all the require supplies that you will need on a duck hunt and the Alaska guides and outfitters should be able to help in the planning of duck hunts of all types for that waterfowl game bird.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

Duck hunting in Alaska can offer some of the most scenic views in North America. And the outfitters and guides that offer duck hunts will most likely know many areas to go and find both. Alaska has over 586,000 square miles of land that can be home to this type of waterfowl. Many game birds are here, but the Alaska duck is such a thrill to hunt that sportsmen from all over the world plan guided duck hunting trips to this area.

Game birds like this are very popular and the Alaskan outfitter or guide that you hire should be well traveled within the state in order to get your money’s worth. Make sure that you find out as much as you can about the company you are about to hire. If you can get references from other duck hunters that planned out a trip for this water fowl then by all means contact them and find out how their trips went.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us developed this hunting directory for not just Alaska duck hunters, but for all the hunters out there and for all the different types of small game, big game, and waterfowl game birds that each state offers. Make sure that you pick the right Alaskan duck hunting guide or outfitter that best fits your needs. And feel free to drop us a line letting us know how your duck hunting trip was handled. Good hunting!!!