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Arizona Elk Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Arizona Elk Hunting Guides and OutfittersArizona elk hunting guides and outfitters are found in many locations within the 113,000 square miles of land. Arizona offers surface features that add to the expertise on a guided hunt or planned trip; from desert plains in the southwest to mountains areas in the northern and central parts of the state for this big game to live. The outfitter or guide that you choose should be able to offer trips and guided hunts for elk and may even be able to offer other types of big game if the season is open for them. Contacting each company before making a decision is the best course of action when planning out elk hunting trips. Our hunting directory list these elk hunting guides and outfitters in Arizona for your convenience. We hope that we have been of help in the planning of your next elk hunt.

Elk Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Arizona

Here are some elk hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Arizona.
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Arizona Elk

Elk: This big game called elk is also called American elk or wapiti, a large antlered deer that once roamed the temperate regions of North America but is now limited to the northwestern United States {including Arizona} and Canada, where elk hunting trips are planned regularly; although some other states in the U.S. do allow elk hunting by guides and outfitters. This animal is one of the larges deer in the world, exceeded in size only by the North American moose. Elk hunts were once a large part of the American Indians lives as it provided for supplies from the elk’s meat, skins, and teeth. Now greatly reduced in numbers in some parts of North America, most of those areas are protected in national parks and wildlife refuges. While other areas like Arizona have elk hunting seasons that allow outfitters and guides to advertise hunts and trips for this big game animal.

The elk is a handsome, grayish-brown, hoofed mammal with a short tail, dark chestnut mane, and a straw-colored rump patch. About 5 feet {1.5 meters} high at the shoulder, it can weigh from 500 to 1000 pounds {225 – 450 kg}. The adult bull has magnificent branching antlers with a 5 foot span and is considered the trophy of this big game animal by the Arizona hunting guides and outfitters. The antlers are also the pride of the hunter going home from a planned elk hunt or trip who will most likely display it somewhere in his home. The antlers of this big game animal are shed in winter and grown anew each spring. The loud bugle call of the bulls can be heard during mating season to signal their challenge for possession of the female herds. Two bulls charge, clash horns, and fierce battles follow. To the victor goes the harem, which numbers from 5 to 20, or even as many as 60 cows.

The term elk has been associated with various members of the deer family. Originally, it applied to the largest deer of Europe and Asia, Alces alces, closely related to the Norht American moose, A. americanus. It is now also applied loosely to several deer in the genus Cervus, including the three species of American elk, C. CanadensisC. merriami, and C.nannodes; the red deer of Europe and Asia, C. elaphus; and the sambar deer of Southeast Asia, C. unicolor.

The prehistoric Irish elk, Megaceros giganteus, which became extinct during the Pleistocene epoch, was related to the fallow deer. It was found in Ireland, Great Britain, central and northern Europe, and western Asia. The Irish elk measured 6 feet {1.8 meters} at the shoulder, and its palmated antlers, which spanned more than 11 feet {3.3 meters} are the largest recorded. Can you imagine what a great experience it would have been for an elk hunting outfitter or guide to be able to offer this big game on hunts

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The wapiti, Cervus Canadensis, is in the family Cervidae. Four subspecies have been described; the Rocky Mountain Elk, C. c. nelsoni; the Roosevelt Elk, C. c. roosevelti; the Canadian Elk C.c. manitobensis; and the now extinct Eastern Elk, C. c. Canadensis.

Arizona has so much to offer the elk hunter and each outfitter or guide that we list whom offers guided hunts and trip packages should have something listed that will fit your needs. Just take your time and contact each company to see what extras go along with the elk hunt that they offer. They may have lodges and cabins or even include equipment and supplies. Hunting-Trips-R-Us just wants to make sure that we have helped you in the planning of your hunt and hope to hear back from you on the experience you had hunting this big game animal. Have fun!!

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Arizona elk hunting is a great sport that outfitters and guides are ready, willing, and able to help you plan out your next guided hunt or trip for this big game animal. The state has everything from good temperatures for hunts to surface features that can be very challenging to the average sportsman.

From desert areas to mountainous parts that can be found in the northern and central parts of the state, elk hunting guides and outfitters are there and know the surface features better then most. Keep in mind that these companies are there to help hunters not only plan out their trips, but some can help with lodging or cabins, and equipment and supplies as well. You will need to contact each outfitter or guide that offers elk hunts to see if they fit your needs.

Elk hunting is just one of the big game animals that we list for Arizona and the guide or outfitter that you hire may or may not offer other types of big game, small game, or game birds including waterfowl. Make sure you find out to see what type of hunting trips they offer. Keep in mind that Hunting-Trips-R-Us is only here to help you find the outfitters and guides that offer a elk hunt and the directory is only to be used for that purpose. In saying that we hope your next guided elk hunt is a fun one in Arizona. Please let us know how it went by dropping us a note.