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History and Literature about Geese

History and Literature about GeeseOne of the most interesting stories of early Roman history tells how sacred geese in the Temple of Juno saved the city. In 390 B.C., the Gauls, a fierce northern people attacked the Romans. The invaders drove the Romans to a steep rocky hill known as the Capitol, which was used as a fort. One night, the consul Manlius was awakened by the cackling of the sacred geese. Rushing to the wall, he saw that the Gauls had almost climbed it. His shouts and the noise of the geese woke the other Romans, and they defeated the Gauls.

A well-known fable tells the story of the goose that laid the golden egg. Every day it laid one egg. The family that owned the goose did indeed live well, but it was not enough for the man of the house. The greedy master wanted to get rich faster, so he cut the goose open to find the gold. But he found nothing for his greed, and got no more eggs.

Although this story in literature with roman solders and a goose may indeed have so roots in the truth. This waterfowl did supply not only eggs, but meat to those very same solders.

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Hunting-Trips-R-Us hopes that these two stories were fun to read. They are just here for your amusement. Hunt safety.