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General Information on Goose

General Information on GooseGoose Hunting can be a fun and one of your most memorable hunting trips. There are many varieties of geese, each challenging across North America the most common are the Canada goose, Snow geese, speckle belly goose, and blue geese.

Goose hunting is one of the many small game birds a hunter can choose from. In their annual migrations some goose travel from the Arctic Circle to South America and back again. There are species of wild geese native to North America, the majority breed in the north across Canada, and winter in the southern part of the United States to northern South America. They follow four great flyways as they migrate; two through the central plains, one along the Pacific Coast, and one along the Atlantic Coast.

As the geese migrate from North America southward, they fly in a V-shaped pattern and at higher altitudes then other birds. This game has long been a delicacy at the dinner table and a popular sport for Goose hunters.

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This small amount of information is designed to help the goose hunting sportsmen out their. We hope you find the guide or outfitter that you want for your next planned guided hunt.