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Idaho Hunting Land for Sale and Land for Lease in Idaho

Two-thirds of Idaho is public land, which has many areas that offers hunting land for sale or land for lease. The links here can offer a wide verity of areas throughout the state, which may consist of mountainous terrain to flat land, but much of the state is covered with thick forest. Property here for building a lodge or cabin is idea.

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Idaho Hunting Land for Sale and Land for Lease in IdahoHunting land in Idaho has much to offer a hunter like the Rocky Mountains, which are covered with forest and can be challenging. This area can offer many game animals and would a great area for leasing land or buying land.

The climate can be extreme in the winter months when temperatures may drop to 30 degrees below zero. Heavy snows can develop in the higher elevations and should be kept in mind when looking at land for sale or land for lease in Idaho. Property here can be reasonable if you take your time to find that perfect area that will fit your needs as a hunter.

Idaho has over 83,000 square miles of land, and good hunting is wide spread. The land for sale or land for lease can offer anything from rugged mountainous landscapes to heavy and dense forest.

Idaho Hunting Land and the Game Animals it Offers

With the Idaho land offering many different big game, small game, and game birds you should have a tough time picking the right land that is for sale or lease to fit your needs. Below are the main animals that can be hunted and may be on the property that your interested in.

Big Game Animals

Small Game Animals

Game Birds

  • Coyote

The Idaho land mainly consists of the Rocky Mountains and the Columbia Plateau. Because of the geology of the state the land for sale or land for lease may offer much in the way of heavy forest, hills with valleys, rivers, streams, and other diverse landscapes.

Idaho Hunting Land or Property

Although Idaho hunting land or property can offer a hunter much by its wide and diverse surrounds, you should always research the history of the property. Make sure that it has characteristics that you would want in land that you are going to buy or lease. Our “Hunting Directory” may be of help, but remember that these links are for advertising purposes. Make sure the land offers what you are really wanting and don’t get in a hurry when making decisions on buying hunting land.

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Idaho has over 83,000 square miles of land; much of it is available for hunting. Land for sale or land for lease here can offer the hunter a wide assortment of game animals. Make sure you look at an aerial map before making a decision on land for sale or land for lease, since this could being out clear problems with the property. Especially if your wanting to build a hunting lodge or cabin.