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Montana Hunting Land for Sale and Land for Lease in Montana

Owning Montana hunting land that is for sale or for lease is what many hunters dream of. The state has property all across the 147,000 square miles and offers land that has a wide verity of surrounds. The links below are only a small portion of what is offered for Montana land that is for sale or for lease. Great area for a hunting lodge or cabin.

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Montana Hunting Land for Sale and Land for Lease in MontanaMontana land can experience a wide verity of temperatures from 100 degrees to a low of 40 to 50 degrees below zero. The summer months are not a long drawn out period. Summer is normally fairly short while the winter months are much longer. In the winter, snow can be extremely heavy in the Rocky Mountains which cover a large part of the states land. Land for sale or for lease in these areas should offer much to a hunter in Montana.

Although the Rocky Mountains are a main part of the landscape on the Montana land, the state offers hunting property in other areas like the great central plains where the surface is mostly rolling prairie. This area does offer many places to buy property or even land for leasing purposes. The prairie region offers buttes and buffs and many parts of the state with running streams on them which is great for sportsmen looking for hunting land for sale or land for lease that has a good chance of having game animals on it.

Montana Hunting Land and the Wide Range of Game Animals

Montana is a hunters dream with land for sale or lease all over the state. Property here can have a wide range of big game, small game, and game birds on it. The best way is to research the land or property you are looking at.

Big Game Animals

Small Game Animals

Game Birds

  • Bobcat
  • Coyote
  • Wolverine
  • Prairie Dogs

The over 147,000 square miles of land in Montana should offer many places where land is for sale or for lease. Each property that you look at should offer unique surroundings that would benefit most hunters. Make sure it will fit your needs especially if you are looking for a place to build a hunting lodge or cabin.

Research the Montana Hunting Land or Property

The Montana hunting land or property that is for sale or for lease should be researched before making any kind of final decision. Please look at the history of the property and a good aerial is always a good idea to see what surrounds the land that you are interested in. The links on this webpage are for advertising proposes only and should be kept in mind. Hunting-Trips-R-Us hopes that we have helped in some small way in making your hunting trip better.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

Montana hunting land for sale or for lease is spread across the 147,000 square mile of area within the boarders of the state. The area here can offer many types of big game, small game, and game birds that most hunters are looking for. Make sure that the property is offering something that will meet your needs as a hunter and is a good value for the land for sale or for lease.