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Colorado Mountain Goat Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Colorado Mountain Goat Hunting Guides and OutfittersMountain goat hunting in Colorado by guides and outfitters can be an experience that last a lift time. This big game animal is a trill to hunt as it can traverse up rocky mountain cliffs and rough edges of slopes. The hunting outfitter or guide that you hire should know their area well and have a good idea where to find goats and how best to approach them on hunts. Hunting-Trips-R-Us has listed some of these companies for your convenience. We have also listed some other information about the Colorado Rocky Mountain goat as well as information about the state. The hunting guide or outfitter that you hire should be able to help you plan out any type of guided trip for this big game animal. Just give them a call and find out what services they offer and if they have an opening for goat hunts.

Mountain Goat Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Colorado

Here are some mountain goat hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Colorado.
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Colorado Mountain Goat

Colorado Rocky Mountain Goat: The Rocky Mountain goat can be found in Colorado among other parts of the United States, and is popular among hunting guides and outfitters offering their services for guided hunts and planned trips. This big game mammal is related to the serows of Asia and the chamois of Europe. The Rocky Mountain goat, Oreammos, is found among the crags and cliffs of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains from Alaska south to Idaho and Colorado, and Montana in western North America. A billy {male} stands from 35 to 40 inches {90-100 cm} at the shoulders and weighs up to 300 pounds {136 kg}. This large big game is what hunters want to find when on a trip or guided hunt. Nannies {females} are slightly smaller. The Colorado Mountain goat is white except for its black hoofs and black, sharp, dagger-like horns. Old males usually have a long white beard. These colors help hide this big game in the surroundings of the mountain from sportsmen on a guided hunt or trip with an outfitter or guide. This can test the skill of a hunter and how well he can shoot his rifle at long distances.

Mating between this big game animal in Colorado takes place during the late fall, mostly in November, and the kids are born in April or May. A nanny may have a single young or twins. At birth a kid weighs a little over 7 pounds {3 kg}.

The Colorado mountain goat is a surefooted, skillful climber, and makes a trail up the precipitous cliffs that no other animal can follow. For these reasons mountain goat hunting guides and outfitters will take their clients as close as possible to take their shot without trying to chase this big game. The mountain goat spends the entire year on treacherous mountain ridges, and the worst type of winter weather cannot drive it down to the shelter of the timber. Keep in mind that you may have to take a shot from above the animal and at a very steep angle. For this reason you should practice with your rifle before a mountain goat hunt begins. The hunting outfitter or guide that you hire may be able to help set up some practice areas for shooting if asked. This service may not be offered by all hunting guides and outfitters so ask before hand.

The mountain goats live in small flocks. Nannies and kids live together while the billies flock in groups apart and do not join the females until fall. The mountain goat has few enemies; avalanches of snow are its greatest hazard.

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Mountain goat: This big game animal is the hardiest of all animals in both domesticated and wild form in Colorado or throughout the world except in arctic regions. The domestic varieties are valued for their mil, flesh, hair, and wool, and skins. Wild mountain goats, are difficult to hunt because of their remarkable agility in leaping, jumping, and climbing precipitous cliffs on mountain tops in not only Colorado, but in all parts of the world. This big game animal is a much-desired trophy of sportsmen and hunting guides and outfitters in Colorado are more then willing to book your next hunt and help plan your trip to their area.

The mountain goat is a ruminate {cut-chewing} mammal belonging to the cattle family Bovidae. It resembles the sheep and is closely related to it but differs in many external characteristics and habits. This big game animal does not have the glands that occur in the sheep below the eyes and between the toes of the hoofs. In the male mountain goat, glands are present on the underside of the tail.

The Colorado mountain goat’s body is generally of light skeletal structure, which helps as it jumps from one cliff to another. Some of these jumps can be spectacular and you should count yourself fortunate if you see some of these jumps while on a trip or guided hunt. The mountain goat has a coat of rather long, coarse hair. The hollow horns, usually present in both sexes, are directed upward and backward and vary in length with the species. A beard is usually, but not always, present in the adult males. Most mountain goats have a strong characteristic odor.

The true wild goats, genus Capra has about 10 species. Among the true wild goats are the bezoar goat of Iran; the ibex, found in the Alps, the Pyrensees, the Himalayas, and other mountainous regions; the tur, found in the Caucasus Mountains; and the markhor, found in mountainous regions from Afghanistan to India. Some local forms of wild goats on Mediterranean islands are probably domestic strains that have reverted to the wild state. Related to the wild goats, though of different genera, are the stainbok {a small antelope}, the tahr {a Himalayan beardless wild goat}, and the Rocky Mountain goat, which can be found throughout that area which includes Colorado.

Hunting-Trips-R-Us hopes the above information on the Colorado Rocky Mountain Goat is informative and helpful. We hope this information will help you on a hunt or trip that you are planning to Colorado or somewhere else in the world. Please let us know what you think and if you have any idea that you think will improve our hunting directory.

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Colorado mountain goats have a large area to roam as the state has over 104,000 square miles of land. But mostly you will find this big game animal in the Rocky Mountains. The hunting outfitters and guides that are in these areas should know the lay of the land and be a great help to anyone that hires their services. These services for mountain goat hunting in Colorado may include lodges and cabins, supplies, equipment, or other extras. Contact each hunting guide or outfitter to find out what services they provide and compare prices.

Colorado has so much to offer while on a goat hunt and many sportsmen don’t realize it. From the beautiful scenery that you will see while in the Rocky Mountains that include mountain streams and field to heavy woodland areas or a view of snow covered mountain top after another. Please take these breathtaking views in so it will enhance your mountain goat trip in Colorado. The hunting outfitter or guide that you hire should be able to help you see some of these area that Colorado has to offer.

Lastly, Hunting-Trips-R-Us wants to remind you to keep safety in mind as it is dangerous in the Rocky Mountains and depending on what time of year it is the weather can play a large part of having a good trip or a bad hunt. The hunting guides and outfitters should be able to help in this area and let you know the best times to plan a trip or guided hunt for the Colorado Rocky Mountain Goat.