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New Mexico Oryx Hunting Guides & Outfitters

New Mexico Oryx hunting guides and outfitters offer guided hunts and trips for this big game animal throughout the state. Also known as the “sunshine state”, it offers much to sportsmen looking to book a planned hunting trip in the area. New Mexico outfitters and guides have over 121,000 square miles that the state offers, much of which is open land that planned Oryx antelope hunts are offered. Oryx were imported and have reproduced in special areas in which hunts are conducted daily. Each area of New Mexico has different layouts of land that can be challenging and test even the best of hunters. HuntingTripsRUs has listed this webpage on New Mexico Oryx hunts to help our visitors find the hunting guide and outfitter they are looking for.

Oryx Hunting Guides and Outfitters in New Mexico

New Mexico Oryx Hunting Guides & OutfittersThe following are Oryx hunting guides and outfitters in New Mexico that have listed their company with our directory.
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San Francisco River Outfitters

Cougar Mountain Outfitters

Mark V Outfitters

Rancho Rojo Outfitters

Blue Skies Hunting Adventures

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Supply Stores for New Mexico Hunters

These supply stores should have anything a hunter may need for a Oryx hunt.

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Taxidermy Services in New Mexico for Oryx Hunts and Other Animals

Taxidermy services that you may wish to use for your Oryx hunt.

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New Mexico Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations

Many New Mexico hunting guides or outfitters may offer lodging, but in case they don't these areas may be of help.

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New Mexico Oryx

The Oryx Antelope: This big game animal is a favorite of hunters in the New Mexico area. The Oryx Antelope is a straight horned antelope. It is sandy-gray with jet black lines and markings on its face and forelegs. It has a horse-like posture and an ox-like tail with a terminal brush of coarse hair. The Oryx is a typical animal of the hot, dry, desert regions. The Oryx is a big game animal that has been imported to the United States for the purpose of hunting. New Mexico hunting guides and outfitters offer guided hunts on the Oryx. The several species of this big game animal include the gemsbok, beisa, Beatrix Oryx, and fringe-eared Oryx, and the white Oryx.

Gemsbok: The gemsbok, O. gazelle, the best-known Oryx is famous for its long rapier like horns. Its build, neck, back posture, and gallop are horse-like in character.

A large male stands 45 to 50 inches {1.1 to 1.3 meters} at the shoulder and may weigh from 400 to 450 pounds {181 to 204 kg.}. Its horns project straight upward and backward from the head, and measure up to 44 inches {1.1 meters} in length. Both sexes possess horns, but those of the female are longer; even the calf has small horns at birth. The gemsbok is sandy-gray in color with black facial and flank markings which make the animal almost invisible in the right kind of surrounds in New Mexico. Its breeding season is in October and November, and the young are born ten months later. At birth, the young are reddish-brown in color and are kept hidden in the bush for a month or more. When their dark coats begin to change to the lighter color of the adult, they are ready to join the herd.

The gemsbok, drinks water when available, but can go without it for a long time during the dry season. The Gemsbok is a fast runner and can easily outrun the average horse or a pack of hunting dogs. A timid big game animal, it moves if molested, but it is by no means a coward. When pursued closely, it will turn and fight with its horns which can be used with swift and deadly accuracy. It is more than a match for a pack of hounds. Its life expectancy is about 20 years.

White Oryx: The White Oryx, Aegoryx algazel, also called the Arabian Oryx, is a true desert Oryx with dark facial and body markings similar to those of other Oryx, but brownish in color instead of black. Its horns curve over backwards and are scimitar-shaped. It has very large hoofs that spread and support the animal on the loose shifting surfaces. The White Oryx travels in small bands of three or four individuals and can live without water for long periods of time.

Other Oryxes: Among the many other oryxes are: the beisa, O. beisa; the fringe-eared oryx, O. callotis; and the Beatrix oryx, O. leucoryx, which stands only 2 feet {0.6 meters} at the shoulders.

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Hunting Oryx in New Mexico is a great trip to plan out and should be one to remember for a long time. Keep in mind that each hunting guide or outfitter offers different services and packages for the hunts and trips that they offer. Take the time to talk to each one by phone to make sure they offer what you are looking for. Huntingtripsrus wants your New Mexico Oryx hunting trip to also be a safe one. Ask the outfitter or guide if they offer any other packages that include lodging as this may affect the price of the hunting trip.

Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

The guides and outfitters that offer hunting Oryx in New Mexico should each be contacted before planning your next big game hunt. Each trip that is booked should be planned out keeping all aspects of hunting in mind. For example New Mexico has temperatures that can range to below zero in the winter and be very hot in the summer.

With mountains in the north and deserts in other areas of New Mexico, you can plan a guided hunt with different surroundings with the right outfitter or guide. Simply find out what hunting packages they offer on Oryx. Also make sure of any supplies that may be offered with each package. Many New Mexico hunting guides and outfitters offer lodges or cabins to say in. Of course this usually affects the price of the hunt. Oryx Hunting trips can be a great time and Huntingtripsrus wants you to keep safety in mind when booking your next guide big game hunt.