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Alabama Quail Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alabama Quail Hunting Guides and OutfittersAlabama quail hunting guides and outfitters are plentiful within the fifty-one thousand square miles of land that these companies offer guided hunts and trips for this upland game bird. The black, brown, reddish, and gray mixture of color helps the quail hide from predators. Alabama has a wide range of surroundings that quail hunting trips are planned for. From mountains to farmland, to woodlands and meadows, Alabama quail hunts are very popular, especially if you have the right outfitter or guide to help with the planning of a hunt or trip for this game bird.

Quail Hunting Guides and Outfitters from Alabama

Here are some quail hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alabama.
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Bear Creek Quail Hunting Preserve

The Hunting Company/South Coast Safaris

Great Southern Oudoors - WIldlife Plantation

Lookout Creek Farms - Hunting and Fishing

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Supply Stores for Alabama Quail Hunters

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Taxidermy Services in Alabama for Quail Hunts and Other Animals

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Alabama Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations

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Alabama Quail

Quail, common name for galliform game birds belonging to several genera of the family Perdicidae, which also includes the true partridge. Quails are worldwide in distribution. Like the partridge, they are stout birds with short legs and neck and naked toes and ankles. They are distinguished from partridges by their more slender bills, shorter tails, longer wings, and the absence of an ankle spur and of a red patch above the eye. Its colors help hide it when quail hunting is in season. It is very easy for an outfitter or guide to walk upon this upland game bird and not see him while on a hunt. The general body color blends well with the habitat of the bird and provides a natural protection against such enemies as cats, hawks, and owls. Some of the areas for Alabama hunting seem to be made to fit this game bird. The range in body length is from 7 to 11 inches. Quails feed on various berries, grains, and insects. They occasionally attack buckwheat fields but perform valuable services for the farmer by eating grasshoppers, potato beetles, and plant lice.

Behavior:Quails live primarily on land, in the grassy bushy regions of mountains, river valleys, and open fields. In fall and winter they congregate in coveys, sometimes comprising over 100 birds, which disperse during the day for feeding and reform at night for roosting. During this roosting period the members of the covey seek warmth and protection by arranging themselves in a closed circle with their heads turned outward. In the spring, quails build nests of grass in ground depressions sheltered by bushes or tall grass and lay from 10 to 18 white eggs in a clutch; some species lay eggs again in late summer. The characteristic mating call of the cock is loud and shrill. Quails run quickly on the ground, but because of their short wings they can only fly a short distance in a single flight. If frightened by whistles or other loud noises they may fly to perches on nearby trees or fences, but they usually either run to cover and remain motionless or dart suddenly into the air with a whirring sound and fly to the nearest thicket. The quail is a favorite upland game bird among hunters on a trip or guided hunt. Although the quail is prolific in reproduction, many states have passed game laws restricting the quail-hunting season and prohibiting such practices as the snaring, netting, and trapping of quails. Dogs hunting by scent are frequently used to flush or frighten quails from their hiding places.

Types of Quail: The best-known species in the United States is the bobwhite, Colinus virginianus, named for its characteristic call. It is an upland game bird that is offered by many Alabama quail hunting guides and outfitters. Found throughout the United States, it is the only species occurring east of the Mississippi River; it has also been successfully naturalized in the West Indies. The bobwhite is the most hunted of all quails and is known in the southern United States as partridge and in the northern U.S. as quail. It is about 10 inches in length. The male is larger than the female, reddish-brown above and white, barred with black, below; a white line bordered with black extends horizontally above the eye. The female is similar to the male, except that the breast is nearly all white, and the throat and the line above the eye are buff rather than white. Bobwhites are monogamous and congregate in coveys consisting of only one family. It is regulated by the state of Alabama and the following links may be of assistance.

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Five other speices are found in the western United States. They are the sealed quail, Callipepla squamata, the California quail, Lophortyx californicus; Gambel’s quail, L. gambelii; the mountain quail, Oreortyx pictus; and the harlequin quail, Cyrtonyx montezumae.

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The Alabama quail hunting guides and outfitters have a number of unique areas for trips and guided hunts for this upland game bird. Alabama has over fifty-one thousand square miles of land and a number of different surface features. Like the Appalachian Mountains, this is in the northern part of the state. The outfitter or guide that you hire for your quail hunt or trip will most likely known many areas that are good spots for this game bird. Just ask them about their services.