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Domestic Turkey Breeding

Domestic Turkey BreedingDomestic Turkey Breeding is an important part of the American poultry industry. Turkey meat is nourishing and delicious.

The wild turkeys of southern Mexico were probably first domesticated, or tamed, by the Mexicans. Spaniards brought tame Mexican turkeys to Europe in 1519, and they reached England in 1524. The Pilgrims brought several to America in 1620.

Seven main varieties of domesticated turkeys live in America. The larges is the Bronze turkey. The full-grown male weighs as much as 36 pounds, and the young hen weighs up to 16 pounds. The Bronze turkey has the white tail-feather tips of its wild ancestor. Its feathers are dull black, glossed with red and green on the front, and bronze in the rear.

The United States turkey-raising industry produces a gross income of over 1 billion dollars a year. The business is largely seasonal because people buy most turkeys during the winter holiday seasons.

Turkeys need much the same care as chickens, but need more room to run in. Breeding has improved the meat on the turkey. The domesticated bird develops a larger body than its wild relative, has shorter legs and neck, and also more flesh. The average family cannot use a bird weighing more than 15 pounds. To meet the family demand, turkey farmers have developed smaller turkeys.

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