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Alabama Whitetail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alabama Whitetail Deer HuntingAlabama whitetail deer hunting is a popular big game animal in this state, and there are many guides and outfitters who will plan a trip or guided hunt for you. Alabama offers many areas for whitetail deer hunts, for example the Appalachian chain of mountains, the Coastal Plain, to the forested Cumberland Plateau and the Central and Black Belt areas. These are great places to find an Alabama whitetail deer hunting guide or outfitter that offers trips or hunts in those areas.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters in Alabama

Here are some whitetail deer hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alabama.
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The Hunting Company/South Coast Safaris

Great Southern Oudoors - WIldlife Plantation

Lookout Creek Farms - Hunting and Fishing

Blackbelt Hunting Lodge

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Taxidermy Services for Mounting Your Trophy

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Alabama Whitetail Deer

Deer: It’s common name for hoofed, artiodactyls mammals of the family Cervidae, usually characterized by bony, often branching antlers that are shed and regenerated annually. Members of the family {including Alabama whitetail deer}, which contains about 17 genera and 40 species, range through North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa. The most abundant population occur in mixed wooded and open land, which Alabama is covered by within it’s 51,000 square miles of land, although deer also live in swamps, on mountains, and on the treeless northern tundra in Canada. Alabama is a good source of whitetail deer and hunters from all over plan trips and guided hunts here for this big game animal.

Deer species range in size from the European elk, or moose, which may reach a shoulder height of 7 feet, to the South American pudu, which is 13 inches high at the shoulder. But whitetail deer is the abundant deer species in Alabama that hunting guides and outfitters offer their services for.

Characteristics: Alabama whitetail deer commonly have lithe, compact bodies and long, powerful legs suited for rugged woodland terrain. This power gives the whitetail deer the speed necessary to escape dangerous predators such as wolfs, foxes, bears, or even a hunting guide or outfitter. They have a white spot on their tail, which is where their name came from. The whitetail deer are also excellent swimmers. Their lower cheek teeth have crescent ridges of enamel, which enable them to grind a wide variety of vegetation. This big game is considered ruminants, or cud chewers, and has a four-chambered stomach. Nearly all deer have a facial gland, in front of each eye, that contains a strongly scented substance, or pheromone, used by the deer to mark its home range. The males of many species open these glands wide when angry or excited. All deer except the musk deer have a liver without a gallbladder. The musk deer, along with the Chinese water deer, also differs in having no antlers but bearing upper canines that have developed into tusks.

Antlers: The whitetail deer has antlers that all sportsmen want as a trophy. Many of the Alabama hunts or trips that outfitters and guides offer will likely involve deer with antlers. Unlike the hollow, permanent horns of other ruminants, the antlers of the whitetail deer are solid and bony. Except in the caribou, antlers form only on males, and their growth is controlled by the male sex hormone. Arising from the frontal bones and nourished by a highly vascularized, fine-haired skin, called velvet, antlers complete their growth within a few months. Circulation is then cut off, and the resulting dead skin is sloughed off as the animal rubs its antlers against trees. Antlers are used to slash territorial markings on trees or bushes, to make threatening displays, and to combat other males. Commonly the fighting is stylized and harmless, but occasionally males of large species lock antlers and die of exhaustion or starvation. These antlers are what all Alabama hunting outfitters and guides are searching for when on a big game trip. Because of their often cumbersome size and the great amounts of calcium needed for their growth, antlers can be considered a natural extravagance. Moose antlers reach a width of over 6 feet and weigh more then 40 pounds, and the extinct giant fallow deer Megaloceros had antlers with a spread of more than 10 feet. This would have been a big game animal that a hunting guide or outfitter would have given anything to be able to hunt on a trip.

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Alabama hunting does offer a wide area to hunt in with over fifty-one thousand square miles of land. The links above for hunting season schedule and license should be of help in the planning of a trip to this state. Keep in mind all the different areas that Alabama can offer a hunter and you will surely be back year after year.

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Alabama whitetail deer hunts or trips are planned to this state every year by thousands of hunters. Please choose the right outfitter or guide that best fits your needs. Hunting-Trips-R-Us has developed this Directory to help sportsmen like yourself find the companies that can help you in the areas of the country that you most want to visit. Please take your time and research all the Alabama whitetail deer hunting guides and outfitters that you find here. Remember that some of them will hunt other big game and are more then willing to help plan a trip in their area for you.