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Other Important Kinds of Deer

The whitetail deer is not the only type out there in the world. The mule deer is described under its own title in the Encyclopedia. It is large than the Columbian Black tailed deer, which seldom weighs more tan 1150 pounds. The Columbian Black-tailed deer is found along the Pacific Coast, from Sitka, Alaska, to San Diego, Calif. Its black tail is faced with white underneath. The brown brocket is a small deer about 20 inches high with an arched back and a spike horn that has no branches. It lives in most of tropical and subtropical America, from sea level to 16,000 feet up in the mountains. The pampas deer lives on the plains and savannas of South America. It is a small deer which gives off a musk odor that can be smelled at considerable distances. The Chilean pudu has short legs, small spike antlers, and a tiny tail. It has a crest of hair across its forehead. The huemel of Peru stands about three feet tall at the shoulders. It lives on the upper slopes of the Andes Mountains. The marsh deer is the larges deer of South America. It stands about four feet high. Its coat is red in summer, brown in winter. This deer lives in the marshes along the eastern side of the continent from the Guianas south to Argentina.

The Fallow deer is kept in many parts in Southern Europe for its beauty. The fallow deer is about three feet high. Its coat is brownish with white spots during the summer and dark brown in winter.

The barasingha and the sambar live in India. The sambar resembles the American elk. It is over five feet high and may weigh as much as 700 pounds. The barasingha is also a large deer. It is nearly five feet high at the shoulders and weighs between 400 and 500 pounds. The barking deer, or muntjac, also lives in India, and is found in the Malay Peninsula, Thailand, and islands of the East Indies. When the muntjac is excited, it barks like a dog. It stands no more than 20 inches high and at most weighs about 40 pounds. The Japanese sika is another small Asiatic deer. It stands about two and a half feet high and weighs up to 180 pounds. In winter its coat is brown, and in the summer it is red with white spots. The London Zoological Society has reintroduced Pere David’s deer to China, their native territory. The deer named after the French Lazarist missionary who first saw them in 1865; have been extinct in China since 1921. A few of the animals, shipped to England, have multiplied enough to keep their genus alive. There are many genuses of deer. The whitetail deer is one of many, but is the most popular in the United States and Canada.

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There are many kind of deer other then the whitetail deer. We have tried to list most of them here.