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Protection of Whitetail deer

The main causes of death among whitetail deer are disease, starvation, other animals, and man. Laws protecting whitetail deer against man have been in force in many places for a long time. At the end of the colonial period, all the colonies except Georgia had laws protecting deer. Massachusetts passed its first deer law in 1694. Open seasons when hunters are permitted to kill deer, are established from state to state. Open season often depend upon the number of deer is an area.

Whitetail deer are also protected in game refuges which have been set aside for them by national and state or province governments in the United States and Canada. Pennsylvania is particularly noted for its refuges. Deer and elk often become so accustomed to having their food brought to them by human beings that they seem unable to search for food themselves in some of these refuge areas. Therefore conservationists believe the best way to protect the whitetail deer is by keeping the deer population down to the point where the deer can live on the local food supply.

Scientific Classification: Deer are in the family Cervidae. The whitetail deer belong to the genus Odocoileus, the brocket to genus Mazama, and the moose to genus Alces. Reindeer and caribou are in the genus Rangifer. Elk belong to the genus Cervus.

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Please protect whitetail deer in the areas that do not have large numbers of this big game animal.