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Alabama Wild Boar – Hog Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Alabama Wild Boar – Hog Hunting Guides and OutfittersAlabama wild boar / hog hunting guides and outfitters can be found in many areas of the fifty-one thousand square miles that the state offers hunts in. From the Appalachian chain of mountains to swamps and bayous, to heavy woodland areas; a wild boar hunting trip here would be exciting if you pick the right outfitter or guide for your guided hunt. This big game may have tusk that would only add to the trophy head when you bag one. Alabama wild boar / hog hunting is very popular and you will need to find out more from the outfitters and guides to see what laws and regulations you will need to know when planning your trip or guided hunt.

Wild Boar – Hog Hunting Guides and Outfitters from Alabama

Here are some wild boar deer hunting guides and outfitters we have listed for Alabama.
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The Hunting Company/ South Coast Safaris

Great Southern Oudoors - WIldlife Plantation

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Supply Stores for Alabama Wild Boar – Hog Hunters {Feral Pigs}

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Taxidermy Services in Alabama for Wild Boar – Hog Hunts {Feral Pigs} and Other Animals

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Alabama Hunting Lodge or Hotel Accommodations

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Alabama Wild Boar / Hog

Boar, the adult male of any species of swine. Adult females are known as sows. Alabama wild boar / hog are found all across its fifty-one thousand square miles of land. The wild boar / hog can also be found in many other states like; Kentucky, Florida, California, South Carolina, West Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Ohio. The Alabama landscape also gives this big game animal the protection it needs from the weather and predators such as hunting guides and outfitters. You will find that the United States species {also known as feral pigs}, as other wild boar like woodland areas and wet lands where food is plentiful. The wild boar / hog of the United States differs in appearance and size somewhat from the boars found in Europe, Asia, and Africa, where hunts used to be more abundant as the population of this big game was much higher.

The name also applies to the wild boar, especially Sus scrofus, that originated in Europe and formerly ranged the entire continent, northern Africa, and western Asia. The wild boar / hog were hunted extensively in these areas. Hunts was so frequent that the population of this big game animal plummeted to the point that it is much harder to find in these areas. The European wild boar is grayish-black and about four feet long and 36 inches high at the shoulder, with short, woolly hair interspersed with bristles forming a mane along the spine. The lower teeth grow into formidable tusks, which turn up and are sometimes 12 inches long. They are used for defense and digging. The boar usually inhabits marshy forestland, feeding largely on roots and grain, although occasionally it kills and eats small animals. Boars travel in small groups.

Boar hunting was formerly a popular sport throughout Europe, but is not confined chiefly to central and eastern Europe, the only part of the continent where the animal is still abundant, and hunting trips and guided hunts are still offered by outfitters and guides from those countries. In India the wild boar, S. cristatus, is larger than its European relative, and is hunted by horsemen with lances in the sport called pig-sticking.

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Alabama wild boar – hog hunting is regulated by laws and regulations that the state enforces. The links shown above should help hunters planning trips or guided hunts to this area. The Alabama outfitter or guide that you hire should have additional information that may also help you plan your trip.

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Alabama wild boar / hog hunting can be conducted in many areas of the 51,000 square miles of land. The hunting guides and outfitters that offer trips and guided hunts should have many areas that they normally go to find this big game. Most set out bait for several days before a hunt starts. Ask the outfitter or guide that you hire if they do this or use some other technique.